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Dec 07, 14

Curriculum Ladders are a visual representation of the range of complexity for a set of skills. These ladders use skills from NWEA's instructional resource, DesCartes: A Continuum of Learning. The ladders help identify small groups of students with similar instructional needs and make it easier to see the range of skills as you work to address students' instructional needs and to plan for future learning.

Aug 25, 12

A 10% summary is approximately 10% of the length of the article. The teacher can "focus-correct" for 3-4 areas. The author also provides a sample scored summary.

Aug 25, 12

"These flexible, ready-to-use modules intend to support educators in the understanding and effective implementation of the Common Core State Standards.

The modules are intended for use directly by individual educators, in professional learning communities, or for preparing to lead the professional development in a school or district setting. The time required for each module can be customized, suitable for a variety of applications, by expanding the amount of time spent on the activities and in discussion.

Each module contains a facilitator's guide, PowerPoint presentations with thorough notes, hands-on activities, related readings and research, recommended topics for discussion, and web and video resources. Refer to the Facilitator's Guide for specific instructions on how to use each part of the module."

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