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Kathy Gill

Kathy Gill's Public Library

May 22, 15

"If you create a place for men, only men will show up. But if you create a place for women, men + women will show up"

May 21, 15

@kegill @ebuie Oh, here's the best refutation.

May 19, 15

Voting by mail is on the rise across the US. Facts, trends, and public opinion: #electiondata

May 16, 15

Disagreement is one technique that can help you make better decisions:

May 16, 15

4 methods for nudging yourself to allow for risk and uncertainty:

May 16, 15

Before announcing he's stepping aside as CEO, @Cisco's John Chambers wrote about strategy and his career:

May 16, 15

Today, McClatchy launched redesigns on three papers and sites. β€œIt is a total rethink.”

May 16, 15

If you're wondering how a super PAC could coordinate with a campaign, it depends on the def of "public communication"

May 14, 15 ~> I'm interested to see how the new Facebook articles platform impacts consumption #mobileconsumption #interaction

May 14, 15

Hmmmm, maybe we could have nice things if we took care of them.

May 14, 15

Come see me show how Switch Control enables me to access the world. So excited! #GAAD #a11y

May 14, 15

9 Hidden User Experience & Interaction Gems on Airbnb #ux #airbnb #interaction

May 10, 15

Sweet! Online Course Report picked @oreillymedia (and by extension @safari) as their #1 online learning provider

May 10, 15

Minimum-wage workers in Australia must work 6 hours a week to escape poverty. In the U.S.: 50.

May 09, 15

Advice for educators on making work rule: Catch me at #GoogleEduOnAir for more: #WorkRules

May 08, 15

Do-it-yourself usability tests for creators #UX via @theuserbrain

May 08, 15

The best icon is a text label #UI by @bytte

May 06, 15

What do you think Jedi is trying to type in today's vlog? Watch now:

May 05, 15

Thanks @kegill @morenaragone @BrunoRuffilli for being top engaged members in my community this week (insight by

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