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Kathy Gill

Kathy Gill's Public Library

16 minutes ago

Updated- @Wikileaks founder Julian Assange addresses allegations #DNCLeaks involved Russian operatives:

16 minutes ago

Leaked DNC Email Mocks Past Accusations Of Weak Cybersecurity #DNCleak #Wikileaks

16 minutes ago

I was at a Greens Party party the night Bill C. got elected. A prof said to me, "Now we start fighting him."

Jul 25, 16

Complaints GOP used music without permission might violate 2008 settlement ...maybe...

Jul 24, 16

Now, *that* is a quality selfie.
7 months after we started pruning and 104 days after vine flowering, all of the PINOT NOIR is safely gathered in...
@kegill I can't seem to extract that one post, but this is the page:
Only backlash I’ve seen against “Silence your phones ALWAYS” is in Wired’s FB comments: "This article kills puppies"
@kegill seattle hokie happy hour:
About last night:

Jul 24, 16

The word is out: @niftyc @kkarahal @theintercept and I are challenging the CFAA on 1st and 5th amendment grounds.

Jul 24, 16

Great unpacking of the viral revival of #HelenThomas 3 yrs after her death - by @kegill (via @NeilMcMahon) #social

Jul 18, 16

My big excited review of Ghostbusters! cc. @paulfeig

Jul 15, 16

Writers, if seeking an agent, are you following #10queriesin10tweets? So much good insight into what a query needs.

Jul 15, 16

That night when we traded the office for karaoke

Jul 15, 16

Apply to 100 top tech companies with 1 application on Indeed Prime.

Jul 10, 16

My 3 notes from @erikaandersen's excellent HBR article "Learning to Learn"

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