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Kathy Gill

Kathy Gill's Public Library

Aug 21, 15

Newly licensed local FM radio stations celebrated in Seattle for National Radio Day:

Aug 21, 15

Disagreement leads to better decisions -- but it can be done without humiliating people

Aug 21, 15

"In computer science, academic paywalls stifle.
In medicine, academic paywalls kill." -- an inspiring read

Aug 21, 15

When in Amsterdam - ride bikes @ Vondelpark

Aug 21, 15

I'm doing my part: ..Philly Among Metros With the Biggest Drop in Car Commuters

Aug 18, 15

Join a community of 6319 growth hackers & get one curated #growthhacking idea a day.

Aug 13, 15

"Sometimes baby steps make learning easier. But not always." @kegill on adapting to hybrid teaching #MustReads

Aug 13, 15

91 Free Twitter Tools and Apps That Do Pretty Much Everything

Aug 12, 15

@kegill This past trip we only hit Anchorage, but wouldn't you know, I wrote a blog post about it :)

Aug 06, 15

Down, down, down. The story of the day on Wall Street for big media companies. @brooksbarnesnyt and I explain why:

Jul 30, 15

Why we're killing our comments section via @dailydot & @kegill's #trolls #comments #trollcomments

Jul 30, 15

Looks like executives at Twitter still think an Ice Bucket feed would help. Sad. And will probably kill it for me.

Jul 30, 15

Does your team have a social media crisis plan? Have your practiced it? Here's how you can safely: The Drill

Jul 19, 15

“The Disapproval Matrix” by @annfriedman (via @AdamMGrant)

Jul 18, 15

Now, *that* is a quality selfie.
7 months after we started pruning and 104 days after vine flowering, all of the PINOT NOIR is safely gathered in...
@kegill I can't seem to extract that one post, but this is the page:
Only backlash I’ve seen against “Silence your phones ALWAYS” is in Wired’s FB comments: "This article kills puppies"

Jul 16, 15

"Probably the best article on app search optimization that's ever been written" says @mdsimmonds of @goutaste #mozcon

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