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Kathy Gill

Kathy Gill's Public Library

Mar 27, 15

@TheGenAboveMe @drthema @kegill @Chanders @profkrg You're listed as some of our recommended educators on Twitter!

Mar 26, 15

RT @taotwit: Crap design via @SlideShare >Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, Proximity - useful guidelines for #visuals

Mar 26, 15

This is a list worth reflecting on: "My 11 rules for living a mindful life"

Mar 25, 15

Now, *that* is a quality selfie.
7 months after we started pruning and 104 days after vine flowering, all of the PINOT NOIR is safely gathered in...
@kegill I can't seem to extract that one post, but this is the page:

Mar 25, 15

Always consult your Dr. before making big #diet changes. "5 #FoodMyths that you probably think are true" via @kegill

Mar 24, 15

"He's a 360 degree turnaround from the current politics we have now" said a Cruz supporter selected for intelligence.

Mar 23, 15

@kegill thanks for reading! here's the fourth (and final):

Mar 22, 15

No, I don't know why a PAC would give $5,000 to help pay for a committee chairman's portrait, do you?

Mar 21, 15

mediachat NodeXL

Mar 19, 15

Why I hope a wayward SF-aimed asteroid puts an end to Web 2.0 and the pasty mansplainy dickbuckets behind it:

Mar 16, 15

In food news: The @BeardFoundation taps @AltonBrown to host their annual awards ceremony

Mar 16, 15

7 @FoodNetwork shows we all wish were still on the air --> @FoodNetworkFans @bflay @Emeril

Mar 15, 15

New @MargaretAtwood novel announced yesterday. #TheHeartGoesLast due out in Sept.

Mar 13, 15

"ship brown boxes across the universe. Is that useful to the world? I wanted the opportunity to give something back.”

Mar 10, 15

Senator on Internet privacy committee has never sent an email

Mar 04, 15

How did I not know about this? #SpockingFives

Mar 03, 15

I could tweet or Facebook @Kegill of Huffington Post's article but I think it would get lost in the shuffle. My...

Mar 03, 15

How Selma And Women's Inequality Got Tangled At The Oscars [by @kegill at @HuffPostWomen]

Feb 25, 15

Women are leaving the tech industry in droves #wjchat

Feb 25, 15

@kegill @guardiannews oh btw you might want to check out the indie music video channel my team and I are launching.

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