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Kathy Gill

Kathy Gill's Public Library

about 8 hours ago

Stephen Hawking Says We Should Really Be Scared Of #Capitalism, Not Robots #inequality #fuckyouwallst #p2

about 8 hours ago

5 Sites for Quick Creativity: Peanuts, GIFs and Mashups Because all work and no play is bad.

Oct 08, 15

If you missed it, here is the most popular link among people I follow by @kegill

Oct 06, 15

Adobe unveils a revolutionary UX design application at MAX #adobe #ux

Oct 03, 15

Our chart of the week: Why women and men view an ideal job differently.

Oct 03, 15

You know what else is a gun free zone? The entire country of Japan.

Oct 03, 15

How do I cancel Apple Music Auto-Renewal?

Oct 02, 15

Nick Hanauer to tech community: Step up your social and civic engagement

Sep 25, 15

#ona15 crowd has dispersed but pretty sure everyone had a great time. Thanks, macfound! @ Hyatt…

Sep 22, 15

Martin Shkreli is evil but the real problem here is privatized, for-profit healthcare

Sep 21, 15

"In an era of interactivity, kids expect the world to interact with them. They have tools to create that world."

Sep 21, 15

It's long, long past time @waltmossberg

Sep 18, 15

For those curious: This Is Ahmed Mohamed's Clock via @make #IStandWithAhmed

Sep 18, 15

#IStandWithAhmed shows why we mustn’t rush to increase counter-terror powers | Gaby Hinsliff

Sep 17, 15

"Every time I send a letter, I ask myself, would I want to receive it? ... This is the golden rule plain language."

Sep 13, 15

@kegill Great to see you hope the summer was fab & nice pick up on how 50 spies say #ISIS intel books were cooked!

Sep 10, 15

McDonald’s 1955 vs. McDonald’s 2015 [video]

Sep 05, 15

Did you know we tools to help you get to your #LaborDay destination on-time? Find em' here:

Sep 05, 15

Before you write your "America's new crime wave" article, please read this.

Sep 05, 15

Court: Teens can sue Backpage .com over ads that exploit girls, aid in their being “bought and sold” as prostitutes

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