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Kathy Gill

Kathy Gill's Public Library

Aug 21, 16

We both agreed it reminded us of Fruit Stripe gum #seattle #sunsets #pnwisbest #myfrontyar…

Aug 21, 16

@kegill So serious. You'd be good for this:

Aug 20, 16

Friday’s Follow the Money: 2 mins of audio on Think Tanks. @kegill @MichelleFait @felicelam

Aug 17, 16

If only everyone who read Peter Thiel's NYT oped instantly got this @bafeldman translation:

Aug 12, 16

All those committees & efforts to diversify newsrooms have yet to hit their stride, apparently

Aug 12, 16

Thanks so much!!! It was such an amazing final. Happy Aly got 2nd after her 4th showing last Olympics

Aug 12, 16

I've watched this 75 times and I just... WHAT
This... into @Aly_Raisman's DMs
Just jaw-dropping. What an athlete. #Rio2016

Aug 12, 16

A complete, always up-to-date guide on the ideal image sizes for each social network:

Aug 08, 16

RT @inc "Learn The 4 Technologies Your Company Needs To Produce More Efficient Meetings @iOfficeCorp"

Aug 07, 16

Not sure this nation can ever pay Gretchen Carlson the full gratitude owed for setting these dominoes into motion.

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