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Kathy Gill

Kathy Gill's Public Library

Nov 18, 15

@jimfitzpatrick @kegill @jackjonestv

Nov 03, 15

This is true.

Oct 29, 15

We are killing ourselves & our kids w/sugar. shocking how parents give kids unlimited sugar

Oct 29, 15

Will public shaming force pubs to pay #freelancers on time? @gawker kicks butt & takes names: #FreelanceIsntFree

Oct 27, 15

Nine Great Writers Talk to Bill Moyers About Why They Write #whyiwrite

Oct 27, 15

If you missed it last week: here’s the problem with saying shit like “Candy Crush Moms”

Oct 27, 15

Classic! RT @laur_kerr: #3percentconf Image from

Oct 17, 15

We've joined 25+ companies to sign the @GirlsWhoCode #HireMe pledge! Join us:

Oct 17, 15


@BernieSanders promised Sandra Bland's mother he'd #SayHerName at the democratic debate & kept his promise.

Oct 12, 15

Sit Like a Buddha: A Guide to Meditation

Oct 10, 15

Stephen Hawking Says We Should Really Be Scared Of #Capitalism, Not Robots #inequality #fuckyouwallst #p2

Oct 10, 15

5 Sites for Quick Creativity: Peanuts, GIFs and Mashups Because all work and no play is bad.

Oct 08, 15

If you missed it, here is the most popular link among people I follow by @kegill

Oct 06, 15

Adobe unveils a revolutionary UX design application at MAX #adobe #ux

Oct 03, 15

Our chart of the week: Why women and men view an ideal job differently.

Oct 03, 15

You know what else is a gun free zone? The entire country of Japan.

Oct 03, 15

How do I cancel Apple Music Auto-Renewal?

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