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Aug 30, 09

Sponsored by the Northern Nevada Writing Project, “WritingFix believes this: No one writes with just the right-side of his/her brain. The brain is too complex and cross-wired to believe that. But we believe this too: Ideas that spark a writer’s inspiration can start on the right-side of the brain. And for that reason, all writing activities categorized on this page celebrate a right-brained approach to beginning a piece of writing. This page celebrates approaches that are serendipitous. This page celebrates approaches that are random. Devote part of your journal or your writer’s notebook to right-brained sparks.”

Apr 02, 07

ReadWriteThink, established in April of 2002, is a partnership between the International Reading Association (IRA), the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), and the MarcoPolo Education Foundation.NCTE and IRA are working together to provide educators and students with access to the highest quality practices and resources in reading and language arts instruction through free, Internet-based content.

Aug 01, 10

Lots of good links to inquiry based projects here. 

in outliners: ELA Resources

  • Teaching English with Technology is dedicated to helping English & Language Arts teachers incorporate technology effectively into their classrooms and is presented by EdTechTeacher. EdTechTeacher and TEWT are led by Tom Daccord and Justin Reich, academic technology trainers, speakers, and authors.


    Explore and find inquiry-based lessons, activities, and projects. Learn about new and emerging technologies such as blogs, podcasts, wikis, and online social networks, and explore innnovative ways of integrating them into the curriculum!

Oct 31, 09

Books for beginning Readers of All ges

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