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Apr 10, 07

By RACHEL LA CORTE, OLYMPIA — Washington would become the second state in the country to allow online voter registration under a measure passed by the Legislature on Monday.

Sep 11, 07

By Keith Ervin
Seattle Times staff reporter
King County voters will decide whether they want to elect the person who runs elections. But they would have to vote twice.

Oct 12, 07

Kate Riley / Times staff columnist
Remember the good old blanket primary? You went to the polling place and scanned your primary ballot with a smorgasbord of candidates, Republican and Democrat.

Oct 12, 07

By Michael Doyle McClatchy Newspapers
WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court digs into political bedrock this year with cases that will shape how candidates are chosen and how voters cast ballots.

Oct 17, 07

By Linda Shaw Seattle Times education reporter If candidates needed as many votes as school districts to win elections, Christine Gregoire wouldn't be governor. George Bush wouldn't be president. Measures such as Tim Eyman's 1993 anti-tax Initiative 601

Oct 18, 07

Seattle Times Local Digest - With about three weeks until the Nov. 6 general election, King County Elections officials on Wednesday mailed 620,000 absentee ballots.

Oct 26, 07

The Times recommends ... When voters are asked if they want more say in a matter, usually they say yes. So the odds are heavily stacked in favor of the ill-considered King County Initiative 25.

Nov 01, 07

King County Elections mailed new ballots to 138 Auburn voters who initially received ballots that were missing the most contested issue: regional Proposition 1. Officials became aware of the problem last Wednesday when a woman told officials that she and

Nov 01, 07

By Keith Ervin Seattle Times staff reporter - Three of seven defendants in the biggest voter-registration fraud scheme in Washington history have pleaded guilty and one has been sentenced, prosecutors said Monday.

Nov 20, 07

By Keith Ervin
Time is running short for King County to obtain the vote-counting equipment that officials have said they need to conduct the first countywide vote-by-mail election next year.

Dec 19, 07

By Keith Ervin Sherril Huff, King County's elections director, said Tuesday she won't be a candidate to keep her job if voters make it an elected position.

Dec 19, 07

By Keith Ervin After being headquartered for more than a century in downtown Seattle, King County Elections has gone suburban — and high-tech.

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