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Kay McNulty

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Feb 17, 15

The Difference Between Technology Use And Technology Integration

Feb 02, 15

Re-reading for the nth times #PARCC Infrastructure Trial Readiness Guide; trial sked in a couple of days #readyornot

Jan 25, 15

N.J. schools could be over testing, Christie study commission says #njed #njasanews

Jan 24, 15

Is Common Core required? Are teachers being evaluated based on Common Core? What does a Common Core/Danielson lesson plan look like? The answers to these questions are both simple and complicated....

Jan 19, 15

Know more about @PARCCPlace latest blog-post "The PARCC in the schools" #PARCC #CommonCore #edtech #satchat

Dec 27, 14

"The 12 Reasons We Oppose the PARCC Test" in blog form @teacherbiz31 @ChrisTienken @marieann66 @annmariepoli @AFTNJ

Dec 24, 14

“By giving teachers a space to work together as designers, you're giving them a space to grow.”

Dec 05, 14

The Next Era of Designers Will Use Data as Their Medium | WIRED

Dec 01, 14

New Post:
Going Google - Part II #edtech #GAFE #k12 #suptchat

Oct 25, 14

11 Videos to Teach Digital Citizenship: #DigCitWeek

Oct 11, 14

Ten Totally Random Tips for Teachers

Oct 11, 14

53 short and simple ways to check for student understanding:

Oct 11, 14

Great Google Chrome extensions for educators

Oct 11, 14

"PersonalizED :: A Guide to Personalizing Learning in the Classroom"

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