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katie moffat

katie moffat's Public Library

Nov 26, 15

Using words to sell art. Brilliant @Tate long-copy ads on the Tube.

Nov 26, 15

Google Podcasting is happening. via @JamesCridland

Nov 25, 15

Do you have what it takes to become a collector? Try the new free #Waddesdon families app!

Nov 24, 15

@katiemoffat hmm probably too soon. We have launched a debut xmas video which seems be driving sales

Nov 20, 15

Facebook now helps you see less of your ex (and vice versa) after a breakup

Nov 19, 15

@noahchestnut one data point: this (not that good?) Saints podcast gets ~30-70k plays an episode

Nov 19, 15

I half expected this blog post to start with "Sponsored by SquareSpace!"

Nov 17, 15

Google’s Natural Language Search Gets Smarter

Nov 16, 15

G20 and Beyond: a digital diplomacy primer from @Arturo_Sarukhan

Nov 16, 15

Following Criticism, Facebook Says It Will Enable Safety Check In During More Human Disasters

Nov 16, 15

37 international artists confirmed for #Biennial2016 free festival of contemporary art

Nov 15, 15

“@janinegibson: Debunking: Rumours About Paris Attacks On Social Media You Shouldn’t Believe” <weird and disturbing

Nov 14, 15

Paris. Brilliant, calm, insightful @NewYorker piece on the banlieues & Jihadism. A long read, but well worth it

Nov 13, 15

Very good @jason's What I learned from passing on investing in Twitter & Zynga—& saying yes to Uber & Thumbtack

Nov 12, 15

A showcase of one page websites

Nov 11, 15

@katiemoffat You've been accepted to the #twitterdeepsearch beta and your fully searchable @kifi library is ready!

Nov 11, 15

Surveillance bill is a 'breath-taking attack' on internet security #IPBill

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