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katie moffat

katie moffat's Public Library

Apr 17, 15

Great to see @samoakley. You should all check out

Apr 17, 15

"[Facebook] has the potential to rob news organizations of their soul." @CJR h/t @MediaREDEF

Apr 14, 15

Instagram: the forgotten battlefield of the "social media" election

Apr 13, 15

22 Simple Examples Of Social Media In The Classroom v/ @Primary_Ed

Apr 13, 15

#ICYMI—Does your brand move at the speed of social media change? @Wadds keeps you on track w/ 21 key platform updates—

Apr 10, 15

April 8, 2014:, April 8, 2015: #choosemust

Apr 09, 15

Interested to see how close Nate Silver & co get to the UK election from their prediction:

Apr 07, 15

Not all customers want a 'relationship' with your brand @TomFishburne

Apr 07, 15

The "Food Babe" Blogger Is Full of Shit #worthreading

Apr 04, 15

Share your Easter photos using #GoodEgg for a chance to win! Here are some of our favourites.

Apr 01, 15

Here are 5 ways I think charities can use Periscope - the new live video feature for Twitter

Mar 27, 15

The Radio 4 schedule according to Prince begins with some life lessons from the purple one:

Mar 27, 15

Sent a message to #CornerhouseScribbler? Lots of lovely stories so far. Go on send us yours

Mar 27, 15

@katiemoffat Agreed. I kept a Periscope diary and there was a lot of pointless streams. Some good too.

Mar 26, 15

@OrkneyLibrary - the story of how one library on a small island became an internet sensation.

Mar 25, 15

Target reached with 78 backers: "Women speak out: inspiring stories from rape survivors" by @MADIHANEKOM. Congrats!

Mar 21, 15

What a difference a year makes...

Mar 20, 15

Tony Benn's 10 most memorable quotes

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