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katie moffat

katie moffat's Public Library

about 23 hours ago

BBC World Service boosts arts coverage with presenters including Cerys Matthews

Oct 10, 15

LIVE on #Periscope: The innocent AGM. We really hope we don't mess this up.

Oct 09, 15

SO ECSTATIC AND PROUD! Thanks to @ThisAmerLife, you can learn how to make radio at @Transom_org's Workshop FOR FREE!

Oct 09, 15

Explanation and video of how Facebook Reactions is going to work. Much better than a dislike button!

Oct 08, 15

Something for National Poetry Day. Start your day with something FUCKING EMO:

Oct 07, 15

@katiemoffat see also

Oct 07, 15

Btw, for those who missed it, Saturday was biggest checkin day in the *six year history* of the company! Swarm FTW!

Oct 07, 15

#ACCESSIBILITY with @joverrent - Can #digital help open art to everyone? #artsdigital

Oct 06, 15

So this blog post has caused some conversation - To Adblock or not to Adblock, that is the question:

Oct 05, 15

This talk on how Google manages their source code, is awesome. I love the scale they have to think at. (via @shawdm)

Oct 03, 15

Saturdays are an excellent time to catch up with the week on the web, courtesy Web Curios:

Oct 02, 15

Just enough #SEO - a really practical guide for content folk cc @lizzybethness @keithjohnhale @JoKJones76

Sep 30, 15

Exploring the role of arts + culture in a world where there is no normal.@nbd2015 29 - 30 Sept at @wshed + @HOME_mcr.
No Boundaries second session just kicked off. We're talking about nurturing the next generation. Watch it at #nb2015

Sep 30, 15

Head of Digital Engagement @southbankcentre
£50k, London #artsjobs #artsdigital

Sep 28, 15

@katiemoffat Rescue Time is pretty good:

Sep 24, 15

Burnout Britain: You're a slave to your phone, then you die

Sep 24, 15

I'm interviewed on the new @Longformpodcast. I haven't heard it yet but it felt very PERSONAL.

Sep 24, 15

We're halfway through our AMA with @jukesie & @fryford! Catch up with what's been asked so far & submit your own Qs

Sep 24, 15

Until we decide what few things are truly important, mostly unimportant things get done. via @RichMironov

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