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katie moffat

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about 5 hours ago

How to: analyse your Twitter or Facebook analytics for the best days or times to post

Sep 30, 16

'Aleppo doctors facing armageddon' #wato

Sep 28, 16

Thanks IoT. A doomy article you won't like but need to read via @BenedictEvans

Sep 27, 16

OBAMA: listen leo there are very specific reasons why u cant play me in a bio pic
LEO: [alredy studying his body la…

Sep 26, 16

Norwegian Airlines capitalises upon Brangelina fracture with reactive ad

Sep 25, 16

White House data scientist @DJ44 says the president has the most interesting questions

Sep 23, 16

Facebook misstated average time spent watching videos by SIXTY TO EIGHTY PERCENT for two years. This is bananas.

Sep 23, 16

Digital maturity matrix shown by @msjowolfe from @BCCare - great tool for all orgs in helping understand their digi…

Sep 21, 16

Dos and don'ts on designing for accessibility - posters from gov . uk #a11y #musetech

Sep 21, 16

When you post your Jennifer Aniston .gif then realise that perpetuating the imagined rivalry between two women over…

Sep 21, 16

#ICYMI How The Atlantic uses an underwriter model to fund video projects

Sep 21, 16

I do 1:1 design critiques and office hours M-F from 8am-9am and 5pm to 7pm PST - I also offer crits via email -

Sep 21, 16

Gee, as we import/export more to USA than China or Eire, my map must be WAY out of date

Sep 21, 16

UKIP’s MP @DouglasCarswell Has Been Arguing With Scientists About What Causes Tides And People Are Taking The Piss

Sep 20, 16

Obligatory #AppleEvent @FT live blog promotional tweet

Sep 20, 16

[if you're a journalist and you cheer at a company conference literally hand in your badge and get out]

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