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Feb 15, 10

"Egyptian Arab sport gave a new slap to Zionist normalization projects towards Arab states that started 30 years ago, when the Egyptian Football union neglected a second invitation by the Zionist Football Union to the Egyptian Arab national team to play a friendly game in the Zionist entity against the enemy’s national team after Egypt won the African Nations Cup."

  • the establishment of the Midor refineries in Alexandria, Egypt, in the 1990s, and the supply of natural gas from El Arish in northern Sinai to Ashkelon, earlier this decade
  • an Israeli company owned by someone who allegedly worked for the Mossad espionage agency teams up with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's close associate Hussein Salem, and creates a $1.3-billion refinery in Egypt.
  • Novik explains. "We formulated this assumption about a year ago and are working on a regional project that is no less significant than the refineries and the natural gas pipeline. We are doing all the preparations behind the scenes, because of the other side's sensitivities."
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