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about 12 hours ago

Excellent resource from educators of color committed to social justice and equity. #uwbc19 #uwbc18 #uwbc20

May 01, 15

Charging up the iPads for next week's First Gen digital storytelling workshop in Boston. #firstgen @classismexposed

Apr 28, 15

RT @chrislehmann: Baltimore Is Not Ferguson; Freddie Gray Is Not Michael Brown » VSB #educolor

Apr 23, 15

Coming up for air to toss another rhizo-ite map into the mix. New nodes - and the link to add yours. #rhizo15

Apr 21, 15

Bike racing and rethinking learning -I so envy this melding. MT @jonbecker: "The Great VCU Bike Race Book" #rhizo15

Apr 20, 15

First take at mapping some rhizo-ites (and a link to how you too can be rhizo-mapped) #rhizo15

Apr 20, 15

Mapping the nodes: Tell us where/who you are for a map mashup of your (brief) stories? #rhizo15
Rhizo-ites Map play: First import later today. Are you in? #rhizo15

Apr 20, 15

#rhizo15 Discussions 4/18: (Title of blog post corrected More coming) ...
– Aldon Hynes (ahynes1)

Apr 19, 15

RT @ARASBOZKURT: Learners as a fingerprint... My blog post #Rhizo15

Apr 19, 15

#WhatIWishAmericaKnew | Blogging Through the Fourth Dimension

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