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17 Apr 14

“@hudaalyami: Using Technology Vs Technology Integration:” #uwbc18 great points about tech!
– Anjana Trumbo (AnjanaTrumbo)

15 Apr 14

On the stigma of poverty and hunger, and the ways that policy makers ignore that children's hunger is physically and emotionally painful.

"This is why “no excuses” policies and demands that students be tougher or grittier ring false to me. My students are already tremendously tough, unbelievably gritty. The problem is not that they need to be tougher or that I need to make fewer excuses. The problem is that they already have too many reasons to be tough — lack of food, relatives in prison, threats of eviction or deportation, parents sick or addicted, caring for younger siblings — and that adults at school rarely see the full picture. I spend fifty hours a week at school and I still don’t always see the full picture. It’s hard to imagine how policymakers, who are so distant from my students’ day-to-day realities, can claim to see them better than I can."

14 Apr 14

More barefoot irreverence in the classroom? #uwbc18 #uwbc19

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