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about 8 hours ago

@jvg Here's the link for our blogging website!
@leighgreen34 @TaNeilio @3Lily_pads
– Veronica VanZeipel (VRonVZ)

May 29, 16

@jvg Do u know Alyson Indrunas by any chance?
– Anton (agmpa)

May 28, 16

Kudos to @VRonVZ Read all about it on her "Blogging: Teaming with the School District" #beduc566
– Lina (Lina_Tweets)

May 27, 16

Puts a school's 10-minute-tangle-of-SUVs-at-pick-up-time problem into perspective...
– David Van Galen (DVDVNGLN)

May 27, 16

Serious Question: Has anyone ever caught Trump telling the truth? I seriously question his mental health. #ImWithHer
– SolidBlue2016 (SolidBlue2012)

May 26, 16

RT @gottfriedjeff: A majority of those who get news on social media only do so on one site - mostly @Facebook https…

May 26, 16

RT @lrainie: The mega headline here is that friends curate and mediate news for each other. They are the new news gatekeepers…

May 25, 16

I hope the Foundation does as well as his campaign.
– Sabrina Stevens (TeacherSabrina)

May 24, 16

Educators in Canada thinking about many of the same things we are, #beduc566. What resonates with you here?

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