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25 Apr 14

Buchmann asks: Are you ready to teach poetry such as this? #uwbc19

24 Apr 14

Teachers in these states with higher pay are still not doing it for the money, but maybe can pay the rent? #uwbc19

23 Apr 14

Only in a system of wildly unequal resources and opportunities would this kind of competition be set up for admission to kindergarten.

"In some neighborhoods, the process of applying for kindergarten has come to resemble a mini-Ivy League, with parents hiring consultants, touring scores of schools, and inundating online forums with questions about curriculum, play time and teachers."

23 Apr 14

I wonder, given this, will we start speaking of drugs as being part of "upper middle class culture" as we too often speak of drug abuse as part of a mythical culture of poverty?

"HAVERFORD, Pa. — Boldly describing their enterprise as the “Main Line Take Over Project,” two former students of a private school in this affluent suburb of Philadelphia took on an ambitious business venture, prosecutors said.

The goal: control the marijuana trade at local high schools and colleges in the picturesque, wealthy corridor of towns known as the Main Line.

They enlisted local students to act as dealers, pushing them to sell at least one pound of marijuana a week, prosecutors said. During an investigation into the operation this year, detectives seized marijuana, cocaine, Ecstasy and several weapons, including a loaded assault rifle and a semiautomatic pistol, according to the Montgomery County district attorney’s office."

22 Apr 14

50 Latino Children’s books you should know #uwbc19

21 Apr 14

High levels of inequality, higher rates of earlier death.

The US is only 1 of three countries without paid maternity leave policies.

"The behaviors that really matter for our health include a range of social connections and family support. The studies and meta-analyses show they’re way more important than smoking and exercise and those kinds of things. And in American society, the economic gap that divides us also limits the range of support that we have. Basically, in a more unequal society, there’s less caring and sharing, and that’s what really matters for your health."

21 Apr 14

MT @tombarrett: We need learning for unflinchingly exploring the unknown, enquiry state and for much longer. #uwbc19

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