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about 1 hour ago

An important, detailed study of how poor students fared during times of budget cuts and rising tuition in Virginia.

"Further, the study found, since 2007 the state had made no progress in improving the socioeconomic diversity of its four-year institutions; the large gap in enrollment between poor and wealthy students has remained virtually unchanged.
Students from low-income families who attend four-year universities were less likely “to remain enrolled, persist through and graduate from those institutions,” compared to students from more affluent families. "

about 1 hour ago

Years of deliberation over making the FAFSA more manageable, and still no solutions in sight.

Many of the comments on this piece are very discouraging in their assumptions that anyone having problems with a cumbersome federal form doesn't deserve to go to college.

"The challenge is a real Catch-22: The FAFSA, in its current form, is prohibitively complicated for some students. But shortening it could lead to students having to fill out multiple forms, which would also be prohibitively complicated for some."

Mar 02, 15

RT @eschools: Please RT - A comprehensive list of twitter chats for educators #edtechchat #edchat

Mar 02, 15

RT @jgmac1106: A Digital Storytelling Contest From AASL Just In Time For School Library Month #uwbc18

Feb 28, 15

We have a greater reliance on #StudentLoans than anybody envisioned. Watch how this happened:
– Lumina Foundation (LuminaFound)
We have a greater reliance on #StudentLoans than anybody envisioned. Watch how this happened:

Feb 27, 15

We have a greater reliance on #StudentLoans than anybody envisioned. Watch how this happened:
– Lumina Foundation (LuminaFound)

  • Twitter, in particular, represents a compelling resource because it has become a kind of “central nervous system” of the Internet, connecting policymakers, journalists, advocacy groups, professionals, and the general public in the same social space. Twitter users can share a variety of media including news, opinions, web links, and conversations in a publicly accessible forum.
Feb 23, 15

Paul Krugman on how we cannot educate ourselves into greater equality.

"But my sense is that there’s a new form of issue-dodging packaged as seriousness on the rise. This time, the evasion involves trying to divert our national discourse about inequality into a discussion of alleged problems with education.

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And the reason this is an evasion is that whatever serious people may want to believe, soaring inequality isn’t about education; it’s about power.

Just to be clear: I’m in favor of better education. Education is a friend of mine. And it should be available and affordable for all. But what I keep seeing is people insisting that educational failings are at the root of still-weak job creation, stagnating wages and rising inequality. This sounds serious and thoughtful. But it’s actually a view very much at odds with the evidence, not to mention a way to hide from the real, unavoidably partisan debate."

Feb 20, 15

RT @dmlresearchhub: 7 real ways #blogging can make you a better teacher & learner via @fractuslearning #educators

Feb 17, 15

RT @npr_ed: "She hated how she had to constantly 'out herself' as a low-income, first-generation student" #firstgen at #college…

Feb 13, 15

Mobile digital story lab, almost ready to launch!

Feb 11, 15

@EKSwitaj @slamteacher @Bali_Maha And more ppl from upper middle middle class than other social movements #moocmooc

Feb 11, 15

There are some privileged silicon valley parents home schooling their children, and I think that this article misses much of the point. Public school education is not primarily about "social structures that have defined childhood" or accessing information in any particular way. Public education is about educating children together toward self-governance and citizenship, and I'm not clear how we sustain democratic practices when there are so few public institutions within which people from different backgrounds meet and learn from and with one another.

"There’s something inherently maddening about a privileged group of forward-thinkers removing their children from the social structures that have defined American childhood for more than a century under the presumption that they know better. (And if you want to see how antiauthoritarian distrust can combine malevolently with parental concern, look no further than the Disneyland measles outbreak caused by the anti-vaccine crowd.) I hear you. As a proud recipient of a great public school education, I harbor the same misgivings."
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Feb 11, 15

RT @sensor63: Don't ya just lurv #moocmooc anarchy twitter chats? Chirp. # % ^

Feb 11, 15

Voice, silences, anarchy and social class, and questioning the “why”of my teaching, yet again. #moocmooc

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