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21 Apr 13

Listen to @coolcatteacher on BAM radio. Most recent program talks to @flatclassroom teachers about global collaboration

13 Apr 13

Recording from November of the ACCE Learning Network hangout where Vicki and Julie were interviewed about Flat Classroom

28 Mar 13

The first example of the use of the term 'teacherpreneur' I can find online is by Vicki Davis as we completed our first Flat Classroom Project

12 Mar 13

AJ Juliani interviews Julie and Vicki on their book, 'Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds'

12 Feb 13

Vicki Davis shares her classroom and the use of social media in the classroom and talks about the development of Flat Classroom.

29 Nov 12

"Presenters: Vicki Davis, Julie Lindsay with Curt Bonk, Anne Mirtschin, Judy O’Connell, Dean Shareski, Don Tapscott, David Warlick, Flat Classroom conference students – Doha Qatar, Suffern Middle School (Peggy Sheehy and Marianne Malmstrom), Mt. Carmel High School (Suzie Nestico), Phoenix School (Betsye Sargent), West Tisbury (Valerie Becker), and Flat Classroom Students
Location: Camilla, GA and worldwide
@coolcatteacher, @julielindsay and @flatclassroom

Presentation Title: Lead the World

Presentation Description: Students are the greatest textbook ever written for each other, yet, many schools close the book on learning outside classroom walls. After five years of global collaborative classroom excellence, this presentation first uses voices from the keynoters, students, and teachers around the world that have been part of the Flat Classroom projects and conferences to share how education has fundamentally changed through a beautiful medley of voices. Then, hear from Vicki Davis, co-founder, about the 7 principles that can take your classroom global and the current challenges and misconceptions surrounding what it means to globalize your classroom. We hope you’ll join this journey of learning and thank all of our keynoters, students, and teachers, for sharing their voice in this move towards excellence in global education."

07 Sep 12

Flat Classroom interview with Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis about their Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds book ( and development of projects and live events in the past 6 years

16 Aug 12

Article written for SmartBlogs by Vicki Davis about the five areas of connection to flatten your classroom

25 Feb 12

"Students today are bored. To inspire them, we must think beyond textbooks and wastebasket work "
The Impact of One - Capella University - The Atlantic

30 Dec 11

"Welcome to Collaborative Writing in the Classroom, a project sponsored by Eye On Education featuring Vicki Davis, Cool Cat Teacher.

Collaborative Writing in the Classroom, scheduled to be released in 2012, will provide a showcase of best practices from across the country that improve student writing using tools like wikis and Google docs.

In her book, Vicki will pull from her extensive experience on her award-winning wikis and global collaborations to show how collaborative writing can be simple and doable. She wants to hear your stories, too! After all, Eye On Education isn't just a book publisher but a community of educators who want real ways to improve their classrooms.

We are asking for your collaborative writing stories!

We invite you to submit an example from your classroom that demonstrates how your students have used wikis, Google Docs, or other tools for the purpose of collaborative content creation.

Vicki and our editors will review your stories as potential case studies in the book! If your story is chosen for the book, we will get in touch with you. We'll also send you a complimentary copy of Collaborative Writing in the Classroom when it's published! Or, if you're struggling with Common Core State Standards and know this book is for you, let us know that too! We'll keep you posted!

Thank you,
Eye On Education and Vicki Davis (Cool Cat Teacher)


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