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Nov 02, 15

Have you tried all of these tools for self-publishing, editing, writing, brainstorming and more?

May 27, 15

Excellent and comprehensive collection of tools for online collaboration.

Oct 08, 13

2013 analysis of tools we are using in and out of the classroom. Twitter is #1....but PPT is #5...? Wikispaces down 50?

May 30, 13

Three sections in this list: Teaching tools, Learning Management Systems, Journals and Blogs

Apr 07, 13

What are you using out of this Top 10 list?
Wikispaces - Yes
Poll Everywhere - Yes
Edmodo - Yes
Screencast - Yes
Celly - interesting, not using yet
Dropbox - Yes
Youtube - Yes
Twitter - Yes
Evernote - yes - essential part of my workflow!
Teaching Channel - do not know this one..?

Jan 21, 13

A list of essential tools created by a technology integrator and IB teacher. Used by PYP students for their exhibition work. Of all the tools in the world, it is hard to narrow down to 7, but I admire this teacher for their thoughtfulness in doing so and in sharing with us!

Jan 02, 13

Wonderful section of Bernajean Porter's Coaching HEAT wiki. The collection of online tools suggested here are organized into categories of instructional FUNCTIONS - many tools are able to serve in more than one role. While there are many, many more tools not listed here - the goal of this page is to give a framework for thinking about ALL the tools as providing functions in the learning, thinking and communication process.

Aug 13, 12

Some excellent tips from Jennifer Carey.
I know classrooms CAN move beyond the central control of a school imposed LMS - the students are ready, let's get the teachers ready!

Jul 25, 12

I am sure there is something in this list that you don't use yet...?

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