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Aug 12, 13

See also video in a Zambian classroom Grade 2 level using this:

Aug 12, 13

"What differentiates iSchool from other education tablets created for use in the developing world, such as the Aakash 2, One Laptop Per Child XO tablet and the Intel Studybook, is the company's focus was on creating a solid curriculum first and a technology product second."

Nov 22, 12

Created by Lisette Casey, as part of the Flat Classroom Certified Teacher course

Jan 19, 12

Interesting development of a very expensive Chinese version of the iPad: RedPad Number One. Seems it caters for government officials and Communist Party members, hence the high price tag.

Dec 27, 08

A Guide to Innovation, Flexibility, and Mobility for Learning Digitally

A Tablet PC is a unique type of computer that allows the user to "ink" his or her input — words, sketches, diagrams and even math and science notations — and have them saved digitally. It can offer teachers new solutions for teaching and engage students so they are excited about coming to class — or doing fieldwork — and learning. The key to innovation is in their flexibility and mobility.

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