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03 Apr 14

Andy says, "The most important currency in social media is generosity. Be generous with your knowledge, your skills, your time, and people will eventually become generous with you as well. And you have to be open to admitting what you know and what you don’t know – exposing some of your vulnerabilities. That’s how you’ll build trust and a community over time."

17 Mar 14

Important to know when managing online spaces and places. This could also be a good activity for students to check what they actually have up on Facebook.

15 Feb 14

BIG FUN Education, a nonprofit in the US, is looking for 6-10 English teachers who work with disadvantaged students (ages 14-18) to participate in a 4-week online+offline project based on our easy adaptation of Macbeth. Ideal for English literature classes and advanced ESL, ELL. Translations of our faithful adaptation will be available in Spanish, Arabic, and Simplified Chinese. We welcome students from everywhere.

08 Jan 14

Find out about the projects that were supported across the globe via Kickstarter!

28 Dec 13

"The social web (as a place without frontiers) requires teacher librarians and educators to understand and make use of the following:

Personal learning environments — relying on people we connect with through social networks and collaborative tools; for example, Twitter, Yammer.
Personal learning networks — knowing where or who to connect with to find professional content; for example, Skype in the Classroom.
Personal web management tools — used for tracking our life and powering our information organisation; for example, photos to Facebook, pictures to Flickr, e-mail to blog posts.
Cloud computing — utilising access between sources and devices; for example, Edmodo, Evernote, Diigo.
Mixed reality environments — adopting e-devices and augmented reality; for example, e-books, QR codes, Layar browser.
Content curation — utilising web services to filter and disseminate resources, news and knowledge prompts; for example, ScoopIt."

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