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Mar 05, 15

Interesting set of infographics from the USA showing trends demographically of social media use and users.

Mar 02, 15

3 Greats for self-improving schools: pedagogy|PD|leadership via @IOE_London @wholeboxndice @mesterman @AlmaHarris1

Jan 12, 15

"For instance, digital sessions were relatively lacking in — and did little to improve — intellectual rigor and advanced thinking skills. Often the questions presented to students were simply “digitized worksheets” that did not require students to actually use technology to apply, evaluate, or create concepts. In general, our analyses found that digital tools do not regularly add value to instruction, even when the technology is readily accessible and working well (which often is not the case). In addition, drawing upon large samples of student test score data, we also estimated impact of these tutoring services on student achievement."

Dec 30, 14

An initiative by George Siemens....a Gates Foundation grant.....
the goal of the grant is to improve the depth and quality of research in digital learning. I’m defining digital learning as anything that has a technology component: online, blended, and in classroom with use of technology. Additionally, this learning may be formal, self-regulated, structured/unstructured, and “lifelong”.

Sep 05, 14

Want to know what kids need in order to learn better? Ask them: Here are the first 50 answers, unedited. From a study by Grant Wiggins

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