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Dec 03, 14

My interview with Adnan Iftekhar, recorded October 2014

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May 22, 12

Wonderful podcasts from Marilina's school in Italy as they discuss the Eracism Project and interview teachers and students from Florida, USA.

May 01, 09

Storycaching is a proof-of-concept project combining GPS units, iPods, and laptop computers to create, store and share audio stories where absolute place is important. By using a GPS to locate a specific point on the earth and then listening to a podcast specific to that area, a new dimension in communication is created. Also, an artifact, trinket, or other symbolic object can be cached at that exact site adding a compelling relevance to the story. The experience could even include the podcast guiding the listener to the cache from the beginning point noted by the GPS. Once combined, the iPod and the GPS will recreate concept of sharing stories both in the capabilities of the storyteller and the expectations of the listener.

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