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Mar 08, 16

This case study illustrates opportunities afforded by recent developments in technology for students to learn through this type of social practice without needing to attend campus or indeed even meet during their studies.

Apr 20, 15

"oday, a joint MIT and Harvard University research team published one of the largest investigations of massive open online courses (MOOCs) to date. Building on these researchers’ prior work — a January 2014 report describing the first year of open online courses launched on edX, a nonprofit learning platform founded by the two institutions — the latest effort incorporates another year of data, bringing the total to nearly 70 courses in subjects from programming to poetry."

Mar 09, 15

Free download from Curtis Bonk
Also translated to Chinese -

Jan 27, 15

"According to Menezes (2014), Social Presence is how people perceive their own presence and the presence of others in a virtual interaction and the willingness to build an interpersonal relationship in order to learn collaboratively."

Jul 31, 14

Excellent article by George Siemens and the recent state of MOOCs.
My favourite paragraph:
And, what learners really need has diversified over the past several decades as the knowledge economy has expanded. Universities have not kept pace with learner needs and MOOCs have caused a much needed stir — a period of reflection and self-assessment. To date, higher education has largely failed to learn the lessons of participatory culture, distributed and fragmented value systems and networked learning. MOOCs have forced a serious assessment of the idea of a university and how education should be related to and supportive of the society in which it exists.

Jul 31, 14

I am delighted and amazed to see the range and quality of available online courses for adult education through outstanding universities and schools across the world. Although already a jazz musician I signed up for a 6-week improvisation course with Gary Burton at the Berklee School of Music, starting in October. What a great opportunity to learn with the best - and this will be a re-visit for me to get my brain thinking about jazz again - something I do not do enough of these days!

Mar 20, 14

The next 6-week online course for 'Connected learning for global understanding' starts April 14. Register now!

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