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20 Mar 14

The next 6-week online course for 'Connected learning for global understanding' starts April 14. Register now!

12 Jan 14

The next Moodle Mooc starts on February 1. It's Free!

11 Nov 13

A wonderful resource sponsored by Citrix. Valuable information from educators who are out there doing it with mobile and online learning.

04 Nov 13

Distance education has become an increasingly popular option for Australians who want to head back to school without putting careers on hold, growth that was driven up even more by the economic downturn in 2008 and 2009. Over the past five years, the online education market in Australia has grown by almost 20% and is expected to be worth an estimated $4.68 billion this year. Currently, the major players in the Australian market are Kaplan, Seek Learning, and Open Universities Australia, though many smaller schools are also bringing in a fair amount of students as well. Even more growth is projected in online programs based in Australia that teach students from Asia, with the international market expected to grow to millions of students during the next 10 years, which if it comes to fruition will make Australia one of the world’s leading providers of online education."

07 Aug 13

"Expectations for students and educators have never been higher. Students today must be prepared for a dynamic, global economy—one that calls on people to use data more thoughtfully, think creatively, and work productively in teams. By looking to the future of education, we can take advantage of new technologies and strategies to help all students learn better, and be better prepared for the future."

30 May 13

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