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Jan 12, 14

The next Moodle Mooc starts on February 1. It's Free!

Jan 04, 14

This online course has 3 approaches including the 'Extended Student' (no credit, no fees) opportunity. Led by Jason Ohler, who I was delighted to meet at ISTE last year, the goal of this course is ' to develop the skills and perspectives necessary to be able to interact in this new community in ways that help the community flourish in healthy, creative ways.'
Spring semester starts January 12. Take a look!

Aug 26, 13

Interesting scenarios for higher ed in 2020:
- Branded Learning
- Connect and share
- Just in time skills

May 24, 13

Great outline video re MOOC from Dave Cormier.
A MOOC is not just an online course - it is an EVENT!

Feb 25, 13

"Alan Kay, who invented the prototype for a laptop in 1968, made a similar point when he said schools confuse music with the instrument. “You can put a piano in every classroom but that won’t give you a developed music culture because the music culture is embodied in people.” If, on the other hand, you have a musician who is a teacher, then you don’t “need musical instruments because the kids can sing and dance…The important thing … is that the music is not in the piano and knowledge and edification is not in the computer.” Or online instruction, I would add."

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