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Mar 02, 15

The Vodafone Foundation has unveiled a portable "Instant Classroom" that it hopes will give 15,000 child refugees across Africa access to tablet-based education.

The digital school in a box, which has been unveiled at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, can be set up in 20 minutes and can be used in classrooms where there is no electricity. The Foundation has partnered with UNHCR to bring the Instant Classroom to 12 schools in Kenya, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) over the next 12 months.

Nov 11, 13

A wonderful resource sponsored by Citrix. Valuable information from educators who are out there doing it with mobile and online learning.

in outliners: JUL resources and links

Mar 01, 13

March edition of the ECIS IT blog by John Mikton that has a special feature on mobile computing. Excellent resources for tablet and ipad use in schools.

Nov 27, 12

"Mobile technology and social networks aren’t just disruptive to existing industries like communications and media, they are also helping the change the way that students learn and how education is delivered both in North America and around the world. And the disruption is just beginning."

Nov 22, 12

Yvonne shares the many uses of a mobile device for communication, productivity and learning

Nov 22, 12

Created by Lisette Casey, as part of the Flat Classroom Certified Teacher course

Feb 28, 12

"PEN and paper are not yet in the dustbin of history but the radical transformation being wrought in the learning experiences of year 6 students at Neutral Bay Public School in Sydney's lower north shore suggests time may be running out for traditional methods.

The school has just issued all 145 year 6 students with an iPad as part of a $100,000 year-long trial. Almost all classroom work will now be done on the hand-held device.

''It's better than writing in books,'' says Charlotte Prichard, 11, as she lovingly caresses her new tablet."

Jan 19, 12

Interesting development of a very expensive Chinese version of the iPad: RedPad Number One. Seems it caters for government officials and Communist Party members, hence the high price tag.

May 14, 11

"# What’s the impact of messages related to classwork when they’re part of a large stream of messages students receive from friends, family, horoscope advice, sports scores and so on?
# What sort of learning happens best (or is reinforced best, perhaps) via SMS?
# How can these sorts of messages be adapted to students’ progress and how can they be sequenced and scaffolded over time?
# How many students are able and willing to participate in these sorts of educational activities via their mobile phone? Can students afford the texting fees? Do they want to use their text-messaging allocations for this purpose?
# Can we subsidize this sort of SMS traffic for student populations?
# If these sorts of messages between home and school become more common, will there be a way to include parents and parents’ phones in the loop?
# Can these quizzes be sent to parents’ phones so that they can have the opportunity to pose a question to their children? "

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