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17 Oct 13

""The Library Beyond the Book" by Jeffrey Schnapp
Mobile Devices for Learning: What You Need to Know
Digital Media and Technology in Afterschool Programs, Libraries, and Museums"

12 Aug 13

"What differentiates iSchool from other education tablets created for use in the developing world, such as the Aakash 2, One Laptop Per Child XO tablet and the Intel Studybook, is the company's focus was on creating a solid curriculum first and a technology product second."

07 Apr 13

Mobile social networks possible - connects groups together via the app

18 Jan 13

Excellent blog from an Australian educator! Shares apps in curriculum areas and key learning areas. Australian-based categories, but lots of wonderful resources.

19 Dec 12

"So which apps can help build global competence? With a world of possibilities, what follows is a short list of mostly Apple iOS apps to help you get started. To download, go to the Apple iTunes store, search for the app by name, and click on the price button to synch with your device. Several of these apps are available for Android and other devices, too."

21 Nov 10

Brain Bites

Use your phone in a new way. The SageMilk mobile learning system helps you learn important facts and figures at a pace that fits your lifestyle. Learn a new language, brush up on professional terms, or cram for an upcoming school exam by quizzing yourself. SageMilk quizzes make it possible to learn in an entertaining way anywhere you have your phone.
Develop a smart phone app "

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