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Feb 02, 13

Interesting conference in Sweden, April 2013.

Apr 25, 11

Join this wiki and the Math 2.0 international network of researchers, educators, families, community leaders and technology enablers.

Feb 01, 10

Registration for World Maths Day is free of charge. The process only takes a few minutes so students, teachers and parents can start straight away. Attention: Mathletics and VMathLive users do not need to register. Your current Username and Password will give you access to the World Maths Day 2010 website.

Dec 10, 09

"The scene is a school in Southall, where a computer game that teaches maths is being used in a trial scheme. It is claimed that the programme could eventually replace teachers for some classes.

Called Manga High, the software is designed to look like a normal game, and features colourful graphics, sound effects and music. Pupils must solve a series of mathematical puzzles."

Dec 10, 09

"Mathematics...Maths... Math. You say this word in front of anybody , he/she would like to say something about it. Here on this network we would be talking about Mathematics...Good or Bad ."

Dec 01, 09

"Internet games can boost children's interest in mathematics, says a footballing Oxford University professor who plays wearing the prime number 17 and uses dance to prove theorems.

Marcus du Sautoy says there is "a real crisis" in maths education in English secondary schools, attended by pupils aged 11 to 16, where he says initially enthusiastic pupils "lose interest and become bored."

His response is a glitzy maths website that uses arcade-style games to teach children curriculum topics such as geometry and quadratic equations."

Dec 01, 09

Very impressive approach to learning mathematics using games!
See article also at

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