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Nov 20, 15

Connect with China and Global Perspectives - Keynote presented by Julie Lindsay and Katie Grubb for the Global Education Conference 2015.

Nov 20, 15

Keynote presented by Julie Lindsay and Katie Grubb at the Global Education Conference 2015.

Mar 13, 14

I am keynoting this event on March 22 on the Gold Coast, Australia. Hope to see you there!

Nov 25, 13

A recording of my Keynote for the Global Education Conference 2013.

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Nov 12, 13

Highlights from the Global Education Conference 2012 - looking forward to 2013 in 1 weeks time! Starting Nov 18

Apr 07, 13

Thanks to @piratedjlangley John Langley for creating this thought provoking and creative keynote for the NetGenEd 2013 global collaborative project.

Feb 14, 13

I am excited to be attending the ECIS IT Conference in London as a Keynote speaker this year. I will also be facilitating the Leadership Workshop, pre-conference event. Hoping to meet lots of new educators wanting to flatten their classroom!

Jan 14, 13

Hosted by ACS International Schools - I am delighted to be one of the keynote speakers! March 2013.

Dec 17, 12

Australia/Sydney-based award winning educator, Chris Betcher, talks about the long-term advantages for students of connecting and collaborating globally. He includes footage from his students today who worked on global projects over 10 years ago and the impact this had on their lives and future careers.
This keynote was produced for the Flat Classroom Project 12-2, November 2012.
Chris Betcher:

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