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May 02, 16

Meet the Modern Learner! Great #Infographic by @Deloitte on #EdTech #Leadership #Innovation #Education #IoT & more!

Nov 01, 15

A collaboratively produced eBook bu educators from New Zealand under the leadership of Sonya Van Schaijik. Excellent reading - contemporary, inspiring and relevant.

Oct 03, 15

This unique publication explores the potential benefits, pitfalls, future trends and learning outcomes for 10 hot topics in education, providing you with a warts-and-all view of how they can impact a school and, ultimately, the learning experience of the pupil.

Aug 13, 15

Excellent blog post by A.J. Juliani about the need for innovation in education.

Jun 09, 15

I love this video by Steve Wheeler @timbuckteeth

Dec 04, 14

Interesting video showing the challenge of who to support in an education situation - early adopters? never-adopters? those in the middle?

Apr 07, 14

These are "The Brainwaves" of education. Here you will meet the thinkers, dreamers and innovators; some of the brightest minds in education. This series is meant to inspire and engage the viewer to dig deeper and learn more. In the words of Georges Melies, (The Invention of Hugo Cabret) "Now sit back, open your eyes and be prepared to dream." Recorded by @bobgreenberg

Mar 19, 14

A series of videos looking at innovation using technology. The first video includes the use of 3D printing. Great visuals and explanations.

Feb 23, 13

"LAUNCH Education & Kids - list of innovators :"

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