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Jan 04, 16

Celebrating 15 years of Read Around the Planet - February 22-March 4

Jan 02, 16

Flat Connections educator, Sonya Van Schaijik from New Zealand shares this reflective blog post about Newmarket School participation in the A Week in the Life online global collaborative project last semester. This is a MUST READ post! @julielindsay #Flatconnections #WITL

Nov 25, 15

Pernille Ripp, a seventh grade teacher at Oregon Middle School in Wisconsin, took "a spark of an idea" - to connect students and teachers worldwide by reading one single book aloud - and turned it into a successful global collaboration project. Just wrapping up its fifth year, Global Read Aloud has connected more than 500,000 learners in 60 countries.

Nov 14, 15

Flat Connections educator, Sonya Van Schaijik from New Zealand shares developments kin the 'Walk2School' campaign this past year. She shares how this is now linking with the A Week in the Life global project

Aug 28, 15

An interesting global project that asks for contributions - childrens dreams and hopes.

Feb 16, 15

Interesting global project for Pre-K-8th grade for March/April 2015. Participants wanted

Apr 12, 15

This is an interesting approach to sharing global educators and their activities across the world.

Apr 09, 15

Finland meets Florida - connected learners @julielindsay #edtech #elearning #msftedu @Yammer

Mar 31, 15

Take a look at this innovative idea to connect classrooms gor global learning.

Mar 29, 15

Sonya Van Schaijik shares her ideas and experiences to encourage others to join and create global projects

Mar 13, 15

UPDATED link for Global collaboration across the curriculum toolkit I developed in conjunction with Asia Education Foundation, Australia

Mar 10, 15

Global collaboration across the curriculum toolkit created by Julie Lindsay with the Asia Education Foundation.

Mar 04, 15

Amazing global project being set up by one of the recent Flat Connections Global Educators cohort 14-2.

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