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Oct 05, 15

New Hope Christian Academy, Memphis, USA created this digital handshake to introduce themselves to the A Week in the Life 15-2 online global project

Oct 05, 15

Wonderful class digital handshake from Grade 3 at Singapore American School for the 'A Week in the Life' project September-December 2015

Sep 28, 15

Veni - a new teacher to global collaboration - writes about his first online meeting with the A Week in the Life project.

Sep 25, 15

@julielindsay K-12 Global Art Exchange - going global in the classroom! #OneWorldClass

Sep 06, 15

Join on September 17!
Right now, we have 117 participating schools and organizations from 23 US states and 27 different countries! We have 3 countries represented from North America, 3 countries from South America, 9 countries represented from Europe, 7 countries represented from Australasia, and 10 countries from Africa!

Aug 19, 15

Open to Grades 1-7 and Grades 8-12. Teams of 3 schools join to collaborate on a website.

Jul 21, 15

Interesting article about global project based learning in the latest ISTE online magazine.

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