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May 26, 15

In today’s world, being digitally connected is not enough. Without strong communication skills, we are merely plugged in to a lot of information. Know My World’s intercultural programs leverage the latest technology and access, and combine them with cultural, social and emotional skills. This unique approach prepares students to be connected in a transformative way that creates awareness of self and others.

Oct 18, 14

@virtuallykaren shares enlightened ideas about global connectedness from the New Zealand perspective. This is one of TEN trends impacting education. See all ten linked from here:

Jan 26, 14

Trips and opportunities for teachers to learn more about the world and embed authentic experiences and contacts into their curriculum through organised educational tours.

Jul 19, 13

My friend and Flat Classroom teacher Anne Mirtschin @murcha from Victoria, Australia writes a sincere and enlightened review about ISTE 2013.

May 06, 13

ExamiNation is a short documentary film about the notorious South Korean college entrance exam, Sooneung (수능). Can one exam dictate a culture and lifestyle in a country?

Apr 27, 13

Students of @ebrownorama share their experiences presenting virtually at the flat Classroom Conference, japan this year.

Mar 21, 13

Thought provoking quad blog post about global awareness and digital citizenship from Flat Classroom Certified Teachers

Jan 08, 13

Yong Zhao's new book in 2012 - "The book is about preparing global, creative, and entrepreneurial talents. It is my attempt to answer a number of pressing questions facing education today. These questions are exemplified by two new stories that have dominated the media recently, one around the Facebook IPO and the other the debt and jobs of college graduate"

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