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Mar 22, 13

"I wanted to create a post about our current project we are exploring in 6th grade. I am working with a small group of students for a global debate project, Eracism, conducted by Flat Class.
We are debating the following topic: "The use of Facebook by students around the world to communicate with one another does more harm than good.""

Nov 29, 12

"Presentation Description: This presentation will center around the Eracism Project (the newest Flat Classroom Project), which was proposed by students at the 2009 Conference and will be an international middle school debate project held in September – December 2009, planned and conducted entirely by students. This presentation will have two phases:

1) An enhanced podcast or full video presentation with Vicki Davis, Julie Lindsay, Bernajean Porter, and Peggy Sheehy discussing the practical pedagogy and outcomes of connecting students globally in a way that begins with the objective and ends with the selection of appropriate technology tools for the task, centering around this particular project as the example, but also including other projects planned by each presenter. This will be a 20 minute presentation.

2) The culmination of the Eracism project, which will have preliminary debates hosted on voicethread will provide K12 online participants a venue to observe students in their final virtual world debate competition, but with k12 online participants allowed to observe and reflect in real time using a private backchannel. This will be the culmination of the Eracism project.

3) Student voicethreads used as part of the debate will be provided for participant viewing."

May 22, 12

Wonderful podcasts from Marilina's school in Italy as they discuss the Eracism Project and interview teachers and students from Florida, USA.

Jan 19, 10

Presentation by Pete Schneider at BETT

Nov 08, 09

Giving Teachers a Place for their Students to Connect and Learn Online

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