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21 Apr 13

"The “Policy guidelines for mobile learning” developed by UNESCO seek to help policy-makers better understand what mobile learning is and how its unique benefits can be leveraged to advance progress towards Education for All.

UNESCO believes that mobile technologies can expand and enrich educational opportunities for learners in diverse settings. Yet most ICT in education policies were articulated in a pre-mobile era and they do not seek to maximize the learning potentials of mobile technology. The rare policies that do reference mobile devices tend to treat them tangentially or ban their use in schools.

Today, a growing body of evidence suggests that ubiquitous mobile devices – especially mobile phones and, more recently, tablet computers – are being used by learners and educators around the world to access information, streamline administration and facilitate learning in new and innovative ways.

Developed in consultation with experts in over 20 countries, UNESCO’s “Policy guidelines for mobile learning” have broad application and can accommodate a wide range of institutions, including K–12 schools, universities, community centres, and technical and vocational schools."

25 Jan 13

SIDE is an example of a virtual school situation for students in Western Australia.

23 Nov 12

The European Distance and E-Learning Network exists to share knowledge and improve understanding amongst professionals in distance and e-learning and to promote policy and practice across the whole of Europe and beyond.

29 Mar 12

Misconception #1: It’s (Physically) “Distant” Learning
Misconception #2: It’s (Emotionally) “Distant” Learning
Misconception #3: It’s Busy Work, Canned Curriculum
Misconception #4: It’s Delayed
Misconception #5: It’s Easy for Kids

19 Apr 11

If I had the time and the money....this conference would be a priority!

01 Mar 11

TutorMe is a new 1-to-1 online tutoring service which combines the best tutors and latest technology to give students of all ages rewarding learning experience.

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