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Dec 30, 14

Provocative article by Gary Stager about the ongoing state of educational technology in schools.

Dec 08, 14

Excellent resources for supporting tech integration and creativity while using Creative Commons materials freely available online

Jun 01, 13

Interesting article that includes the Three Goals of Technology in Education
Goal #1
Technology's Function: Reach
Education's Goal: Scale
Goal #2
Technology's Function: Bells & Whistles
Education's Goal: Engagement & Enthusiasm
Goal #3
Technology's Function: Personalization
Education's Goal: Personalized Learning

Mar 21, 13

Certificate of Educational Technology and Information Literacy
Created by Jeff Utecht and Kim Cofino
Excellent accredited course - online or via localised cohorts. International educators can receive up to 15 credits (half a masters degree) by completing 5 courses over 18 months.

Feb 03, 12

Excited by this fresh approach to an acceptable use policy, or acceptable guidelines. Yes! If we want to put the learning in the hands of the students we need to also give them the responsibility to be reliable and responsible digital citizens, and I mean really give it to them, not tokenism.

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