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Apr 24, 15

Delighted as the Chair of the ISTE Global PLN to share the Global Read Aloud project as winner of the ISTE Innovation in Global Collaboration Award.

Apr 24, 15

Excellent blog post by Michael Trucano (World Bank) about "Ten comments, questions and perspectives on connecting students and teachers around the world to each other to facilitate 'virtual exchanges'"

Apr 22, 15

Heading to ISTE in PA this year? Come and join Global Education Day!

Apr 20, 15

"oday, a joint MIT and Harvard University research team published one of the largest investigations of massive open online courses (MOOCs) to date. Building on these researchers’ prior work — a January 2014 report describing the first year of open online courses launched on edX, a nonprofit learning platform founded by the two institutions — the latest effort incorporates another year of data, bringing the total to nearly 70 courses in subjects from programming to poetry."

Apr 19, 15

#FF Special: Our list of who to follow to get started with #globaled. Who did we miss?

Apr 12, 15

Flat Connections regularly needs volunteer teachers to help review students work. This is a great opportunity to be part of global collaborative learning and to extend your PLN. Volunteer today!

Apr 12, 15

This is an interesting approach to sharing global educators and their activities across the world.

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