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Oct 25, 15

A significant list of global educators, resources, organisations and initiatives to support global learning across the curriculum and across the world.
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Jan 25, 16

According to Marc Prensky - The goal for students is global education and 'becoming' - learning is only a means to becoming.

Jan 20, 16

The 21st Century Citizenship Guide outlines a vision of citizenship that encompasses informed, engaged and active practices in three dimensions of citizenship—civic, global and digital. The different dimensions of citizenship will be explored, along with recommendations on actions that parents, local, and national policymakers can take to make sure that all students are able to develop into true 21st century citizens.

Jan 18, 16

Links to interesting resources from the Global Digital Citizen Foundation blog

Jan 18, 16

Interesting infographic and information about the ISTE Digital Citizenship PLN.

Jan 16, 16

The Center for Quality Teaching shares case studies about the impact of teacherpreneur roles in schools.

Jan 14, 16

Download this free PDF created by Alan November on how to do advanced Google searches

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