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9 minutes ago

Excellent and comprehensive collection of tools for online collaboration.

May 26, 15

Exploring this after reading the Ultimate Cheat Sheet for social media

May 26, 15

In today’s world, being digitally connected is not enough. Without strong communication skills, we are merely plugged in to a lot of information. Know My World’s intercultural programs leverage the latest technology and access, and combine them with cultural, social and emotional skills. This unique approach prepares students to be connected in a transformative way that creates awareness of self and others.

May 25, 15

Excellent slideshow by @langwitches sharing new curriculum objectives to support globally connected learning.

May 21, 15

We need to create a generation of critically-thinking, collaborative problem solvers. Students who know and understand world issues. Students who understand political and socioeconomic systems on a global scale. Students who recognize and appreciate cultural diversity. If we really want to face and solve the problems of this complex, multifaceted, diverse, and complicated world, we need a generation of students who are strong in all the C's: communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and global competency.
Great new blog by @jcasap on the imperative of #globalcompetency and #globaled. Join the #globaledchat Thurs 5pm PT!

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