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Oct 08, 15

A visual introduction to all things Chinese!

Oct 06, 15

Love this new toolkit developed for AEF on intercultural understanding. Includes definitions, curriculum and pedagogy.

Oct 05, 15

New Hope Christian Academy, Memphis, USA created this digital handshake to introduce themselves to the A Week in the Life 15-2 online global project

Oct 05, 15

Wonderful class digital handshake from Grade 3 at Singapore American School for the 'A Week in the Life' project September-December 2015

Oct 04, 15

Blog post from Margaret Simkin, CSU Masters degree student.
The fifth and final visitor led presentation came from Cathie Howe ( who spoke to us about her work as Professional Learning and Leadership Coordinator, NSW DEC, & Manager Macquarie ICT Innovations Centre .
@cathie_h @julielindsay @heyjudeonline @hbailie with link!

Oct 03, 15

This unique publication explores the potential benefits, pitfalls, future trends and learning outcomes for 10 hot topics in education, providing you with a warts-and-all view of how they can impact a school and, ultimately, the learning experience of the pupil.

Sep 30, 15

Join Oct 19 for Teacher Librarian Day all free and online - awesome lineup #tlday15 #lib2015

Sep 30, 15

@julielindsay Global Youth Well Being Index, you might have seen this Julie

Sep 29, 15

Connected Educator Aotearoa New Zealand (CENZ) offers a range of ways for you, your colleagues, staff or organisation to get involved, from attending sessions to running one of your own.

Sep 28, 15

Veni - a new teacher to global collaboration - writes about his first online meeting with the A Week in the Life project.

Sep 28, 15

"The Community brings together all those involved in learning and teaching from Early Years through to Higher and Further Education. It is open to anyone who has an interest in improving outcomes for learners through the use of digital technologies."

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