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17 Apr 14

Very exciting possibilities for learners across the world!

16 Apr 14

Start a Code Club in Australia - this non-profit organisation provides resources.

07 Apr 14

"If anything, considerable research has shown by now that there is large variation in Internet skills among young adults, often related to their socioeconomic status, and factors other than age explain skill differences across generations such as a person's level of income and education."

07 Apr 14

"In this talk, Sugata Mitra will take us through the origins of schooling as we know it, to the dematerialisation of institutions as we know them. Thirteen years of experiments in children's education takes us through a series of startling results – children can self-organise their own learning, they can achieve educational objectives on their own, they can read by themselves. Finally, the most startling of them all: groups of children with access to the internet can learn anything by themselves. From the slums of India, to the villages of India and Cambodia, to poor schools in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, the USA and Italy, to the schools of Gateshead and the rich international schools of Washington and Hong Kong, Sugata's experimental results show a strange new future for learning."

07 Apr 14

These are "The Brainwaves" of education. Here you will meet the thinkers, dreamers and innovators; some of the brightest minds in education. This series is meant to inspire and engage the viewer to dig deeper and learn more. In the words of Georges Melies, (The Invention of Hugo Cabret) "Now sit back, open your eyes and be prepared to dream." Recorded by @bobgreenberg

07 Apr 14

Theresa Allen is a technology coordinator and teacher at Cathedral of St. Raymond School, Joliet, IL. She is a global-minded educator who strives to use connections and collaborations to learn about technology and people around the world.

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