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Jul 26, 15 is now 2 years old. This infographic explains how it works and gives good tips for content curation.

Jul 23, 15

Yong Zhao shares his thoughts about personalized learning.
Generally speaking, personalization can be put into two categories: process personalization and outcome personalization. Process personalization enables students to enjoy choice in the learning process, whereas outcome personalization allows students to define the end results of their learning. Process personalization is by far the most prominent version in education today because the current education paradigm has a predetermined outcome for all students. That is, no matter how one gets there, we want everyone to get to the same place: mastery of the knowledge and skills prescribed in the authoritative curriculum or standards.

Jul 22, 15

Initiative of Marc Prensky - supporting and sharing achievements of young people who are changing the world.

Jul 20, 15

The Asia Education Foundation Intercultural Understanding Toolkit has three categories: Definitions, Curriculum, Pedagogy

Jul 20, 15

VIF International share their educator professional development and digital badges.

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