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Jan 16, 16

Hague, C. and Payton, S. (2010). Digital Literacy Across the Curriculum (Futurelab Handbook). Bristol: Futurelab.

Oct 14, 15

we have identified almost 50 exemplars of effective practice in support of students’ digital experiences. The exemplars have been written up with the support of the staff (and in some cases students) involved. They can be accessed via the seven challenges for institutions, or you can browse the whole set below. They are organised according to the main challenge addressed.

Mar 29, 15

Created by Jackie Gerstein - very useful overview and diagram to assess teacher skills and readiness for 21C teaching and learning.

Apr 07, 14

"If anything, considerable research has shown by now that there is large variation in Internet skills among young adults, often related to their socioeconomic status, and factors other than age explain skill differences across generations such as a person's level of income and education."

Apr 01, 14

Evaluating content and engaging online.....and more.....are all part of being digitally more

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