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Apr 11, 15

Short screencast on how to set up YouTube for schools and filter only educational videos to your school.

Mar 29, 15

“@Julia_Brannon: Digital Credibility: 13 Lessons For the Google Generation via @TeachThought” #INF530 #ETL523

Mar 21, 15

Why Everyone Needs Twitter in Their Lives via @mihirpatkar #INF532 #INF506

Mar 21, 15

An interesting storify instigated by Alec Couros @courosa from Canada from his PLN with responses to 'Why digital citizenship?'
Storified responses to my question “Why digital citizenship?” #digcit #emsbdc

Mar 16, 15

Excellent blog post sharing ideas to do with cultural and global awareness objectives for students while using digital technologies.

Mar 12, 15

A reflective and informative blog post that links to other well-known advisers on CC usage.
What's So Creative About Commons Anyway - An Introduction to Creative Commons

Mar 13, 15

UPDATED link for Global collaboration across the curriculum toolkit I developed in conjunction with Asia Education Foundation, Australia

Mar 12, 15

Interesting use of Storify to share student responses about digital citizenship issues.

Mar 09, 15

Melbourne teacher Jenny Luca shares a typical lesson using a range of technologies - and I agree with her, it would in fact be MORE stressful to take these tools away now!
Why I’m not suffering from ‘Technostress’ |Lucacept- intercepting the Web #ETL523 - great eg of why we value dig cit

Mar 10, 15

Global collaboration across the curriculum toolkit created by Julie Lindsay with the Asia Education Foundation.

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