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Feb 04, 15

New updates to the 21st Century Fluencies website.
Tag line: "The 21st Century Fluencies have nothing to do with hardware-they are about headware, and heartware!"

Oct 06, 14

Ann from South Australia talks about her exploration of digital citizenship with her students. My favourite sentence, Ann, I really enjoyed reading this blog post. You have shared vital process material from your recent connection with NZ and also communicated student responses -also a necessary part of assessing the success and viability of online connection that leads to collaboration. My favourite sentence is your last one - "Global digital collaboration goes beyond research. We found out more through the learning experience of meeting and sharing knowledge."
#flatconnections #GlobalCitizen New blog on my first global collaboration.

Feb 06, 15

"I've heard about (and been lucky enough to have seen her present at Learning 2.0) the amazing work that Julie Lindsay does with Flat Classrooms and Flat Connections again and again. There's a good reason her name comes up: flat connections are actually choppy connections." Tricia Friedman shares her ideas about connected learning with reference to Julie Lindsay and Flat Connections.
Learning about connectivism in #COETAIL: my shout-out to @julielindsay

Feb 06, 15

One media review of the new Grade 6 cybersafety online course found here:

Feb 06, 15

"The eSmart Digital Licence is an online challenge combining quizzes, videos and games, to prepare Australian children (aged ten and over) to be smart, safe and responsible digital citizens."

Jan 27, 15

Important message for all information and knowledge leaders/teachers. Best tools to used shared.

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