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May 23, 10

Click Online explore freedom and responsibility through the practice of posting videos online.

Feb 25, 09

Article by Vicki about her students and Digiteen and the importance of developing a personal learning network (PLN)

May 10, 10

"The conventional wisdom suggests that everyone under 30 is comfortable revealing every facet of their lives online, from their favorite pizza to most frequent sexual partners. But many members of the tell-all generation are rethinking what it means to live out loud. "

Dec 30, 09

"Social networks can provide amazing learning opportunities for students, and so as social media increasingly becomes a large part of school and everyday life, educators have a responsibility to educate students about what is appropriate behavior online."

  • ''We cannot ban technology - that would be like returning to horses instead of cars,'' he said. ''The sooner students are taught about the ethical use of mobile phones and laptops the better.''


Jul 22, 09

ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

I find this disturbing. If the Internet was used in a more meaningful way so that teenagers had a viable online support network and learning community the Internet would be seen as a valid tool to help people when distressed. Governments and community groups should be building this support networks online and not shutting down or blocking online access.

Mar 25, 09

Are you LinkedIn? Do your students Tweet during a field trip? If you’re like many NSTA members, the answer is “yes” with a caveat: Not in school.
Excellent article featuring James gates, includes brief info about Flat Classroom and use of social media tools

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