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Jan 13, 11

"Clicking with Caution is a series of educational videos, created by kids for kids, to raise awareness of internet risks and teach preventive measures. The series was made in collaboration with the NYC Dept of Education’s Office of Instructional (now Educational) Technology and the Mayor’s office in partnership with Reel Works Teen Filmmaking and Microsoft. Students will enjoy these videos even more when they discover they were produced by twenty young ReelWorks filmmakers who drew from their own experiences online and worked with professional directors to create these powerful messages. The series features introductions by “Gossip Girl” star Jessica Szohr and contains two narrative pieces and two documentaries, covering the following topics:"

Jun 04, 10

"For people to make informed and voluntary decisions about the exchange of their personal privacy for the benefits of social interaction, recognition and celebrity, they must understand the risks and benefits the choice entails.

In particular, they must recognise that the snail trail of their online life can be matched, mashed, collated, broadcast and rebroadcast by anybody, in any context, for any reason, for many years into the future.

What's out there - however partial, slanted, decontextualised or downright wrong - comprises your online, and contributes to your real-world, reputation."

May 23, 10

Click Online explore freedom and responsibility through the practice of posting videos online.

Dec 30, 09

"Social networks can provide amazing learning opportunities for students, and so as social media increasingly becomes a large part of school and everyday life, educators have a responsibility to educate students about what is appropriate behavior online."

Sep 12, 09

Know IT All, Childnet's multi award-winning suite of education resources designed to help educate parents, teachers and young people about safe and positive use of the internet.

May 25, 09

The Internet runs right through the middle of our kids' lives. It opens a world of entertainment and communication, but it also allows direct access to people and Web sites that can expose kids to age-inappropriate content and risky social contacts.

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