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31 Mar 14

This site has been developed to celebrate and share the amazing projects and activities the students and staff are creating every day using technology at ACS Hillingdon International School. The highlight of the site is the showcase area where students share their created projects.

21 Apr 13

A one-semester program where students design their own learning. Inquiry-based, student driven.
Has great potential for 'passion' based learning and connecting with the world - allows time for creativity and co-creation
Includes time for team work and personal endeavours

13 Apr 13

Interesting prototype tool for assessing pupils' creativity in schools. Includes categories of - imaginative, inquisitive, persistent, collaborative, disciplined.

23 Mar 13

From Grant Wiggins (Understanding by Design author)

18 Dec 12

This series of interviews with women educators at Qatar Academy was inspired by the excellent immersion of 21st Century learning shown in classrooms across the school. in a time of transition into 1:1 learning and Web 2.0 platforms, these women have shown where there is a will there is a way. I admire their tenacity and determination to make learning real, personal and student-centred. I applaud their focus on global interaction and how they have embraced the concept, power and magic of global collaboration.

02 Dec 12

Wesley Fryer created this excellent portal leading to ideas, tools and resources for media in the curriculum. I love this!

08 Sep 12

Created through collaboration by members of Partnership for 21st Century Skills and the talented folks at FableVision, Above & Beyond is a story about what is possible when communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity take center stage in schools and transform learning opportunities for all kids.Visit, and for more info.

18 Nov 10

Wes Fryer shares his thoughts and notes
the Creativity World Forum #cwf2010 « Moving at the Speed of Creativity

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