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Sep 20, 15

"In collaboration with research partners at the University of Connecticut, P21 has just released a research series on key aspects of conceptualizing, developing, and assessing each of the 4Cs of Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity. The briefs outline findings from research about what we already know, what we need to know, and what we can do to embed 4Cs into practice."

Apr 07, 13

Mobile social networks possible - connects groups together via the app

Nov 22, 12

'Quad-blog' post by Flat Classroom Certified teachers in the 12-2 cohort. Excellent resources and discussion points. A very well written post!

Apr 17, 10

"BOSCO-Uganda is helping put an end to isolation caused by war. BOSCO-Uganda is providing an innovative Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solution to foster social and economical development and peace building in rural communities of northern Uganda. BOSCO is using a collaborative, web-based ICT training approach encouraging communication and collaboration for people living in isolated or war affected areas. "

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