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Jul 06, 15

Important tips from to support online collaborative work amongst students. I see this applied to middle and high school as well as higher education.

Jun 26, 15

"a method of teaching and learning in which students team together to explore a significant question or create a meaningful project."

Mar 22, 15

"I believe that at the heart of collaboration are the 2 P’s. People and Purpose. Without either one of these, collaboration does not exist. They only work when the other is there. Without a purpose it is just 2 or more people talking about a topic or goal and without people there is a goal with no-one to achieve it."

Feb 26, 15

"Collaborative learning refers to any situation in which multiple people learn or attempt to learn something together and thereby capitalize on each other’s skills and knowledge. The concept is related to Vygotsky’s “zone of proximal development” which holds that students are first able to do something with assistance before they are able to do it independently (with the difference between those states being their “zone of proximal development”). Today, collaborative learning is most frequently seen in situations where students work together to discuss a complex issue (often with some degree of ambiguity) or create an artifact or product that reflects their learning."

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