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Mar 16, 15

Interesting results that may be indicative of some changes. Still dominated by the use of PPT and Word. Still not using Web 2.0 and collaborative online learning environments to full extent (of course).

Aug 12, 13

A wonderful example of a teacher blog - rich with stories from in and beyond the classroom!

Jan 22, 13

This is Part 4 in my series on the future of learning and technology. What will be the future of school classrooms? It is unlikely that we will see the demise of the classroom in the next decade. Those who study the future of education often suggest that the demise of traditional classrooms is not only inevitable, but imminent. This is due to the rapid proliferation of mobile technology,

Feb 01, 10

An excellent example of a vibrant PYP classroom in Honk Kong and how technology (Web2.0) is being used to share the learning and to 'flatten' the classroom walls.

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