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21 Mar 13

Blended learning provides and environment where:
- Students get individualized self-paced instruction
- Teachers can provide differentiated small-group instruction
- Schools can operate at a lower cost per pupil (???)

Lab rotation - students move inand out of a classroom to a computer lab - data from learning lab content informs content in classroom

Class rotation - smaller groups - rotate every 20 min - eg one station with computer, one with teacher etc

Flex rotation - students work mostly on computers - students pulled out for direct instruction as needed

Pod Model - teacher takes on different roles eg advisor

- unleashing learning velocity when improved academic results
- Teachers can plan for diverse instruction - smaller groups
- Easier classroom management when engaged on computers

Interesting comments:

'Differentiation and feedback does not scale without technology'

'Blended learning is about leveraging digital content to provide students with skills and content'

'Meanwhile the teacher focuses on depth and application of concepts to teach higher order thinking skills'

30 Jan 13

A new interactive schooling resource, based in Australia, to support teachers and parents and students with curriculum objectives.

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