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Dec 20, 12

"Thank you to all the amazing students and teachers who participated. If you are interested in Flat Classroom Projects, go to"
This is what makes Flat Classroom so special and unique - A Project Manager who takes the time to blog about the project and suggest improvements.

Dec 04, 12

Students from the A Week in the Life Project 12-2 talk about their schools.This is an excellent artifact for comparing similarities and differences between lifestyles and cultures. Chin and USA represented.

Dec 01, 12

An outstanding post from Jodi Amri from Stafford Primary School as she shares her end of project reflection via this teacher blog for the A Week in the Life project, a Flat Classroom Project for Grades 3-5 (8-10 year old). Her last paragraph:
"We are teachers and students who want to make a difference in our world. We know we can do this when we reach out to others around the globe to share our common interests and concerns and build bridges of understanding between us. The Week in the Life project has given us this opportunity. It has also shown us what technology integration should look like. In this season when we give special focus to the things we are grateful for, we want to acknowledge the opportunity we have each day to learn with and from each other, as well as to be inspired by the learning all around us."

Nov 10, 12

The Flat Classroom Project for 8-10 year old students (Grades 3-5). Wonderful handshakes shared via a Symbaloo interface. Excellent!

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