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Oct 31, 15

The WISE Research Reports bring key topics to the forefront of the global education debate, and reflect the priorities of the Qatar National Research Strategy.

In collaboration with recognized experts, researchers and thought-leaders, WISE has produced timely, comprehensive reports featuring concrete, improved practices from around the world, as well as recommendations for policy-makers, educators and change-makers. The WISE Research Reports focus on system-level innovation, teacher education, early-childhood education, new ways of financing education, entrepreneurship education, wellbeing, twenty-first century skills, and managing education reform in the Gulf Corporation Council countries.

Sep 10, 13

Award winning organisations across the world are recognized at the WISE 2013 awards

Aug 06, 13

Exciting book and video project supported by WISE, led by @GrahamBM Make sure you follow the journey!

Sep 08, 10

Reading through the list of 30 finalists for World Innovation Summit for Education. Excellent, diverse, exciting work being done across the globe!

Nov 20, 09

An example of a youth action project that took place in Denkmark this year.

Nov 17, 09

"We are rapidly moving into a new age of widely-deployed, inexpensive, Internet-enabled mobile computing and communication devices. This has the potential to give rise to a whole new generation of services, applications, and modes of behavior to benefit society based on openness in ubiquitous wireless and mobile computing. But this requires re-thinking the computing and communication infrastructure--from the servers in the computing cloud, to the desktop, to the individual handheld devices, to the network that interconnects them all. "

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