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02 Apr 14

Students Skype with the author of a book they read and interact over the topic of writing and how to become an author.

07 Feb 13

Interesting opportunities for classrooms to connect with the world via Skype.

11 Nov 10

Skype in the Classroom!
A free directory that connects teachers and helps them
use Skype to enrich students' educational experience.

22 Aug 10

Excellent video produced by Bob Greenberg as he interviews teachers from around the world via Skype. I love it!

13 May 10

"Around the World with 80 Schools started in January 2009 and is an ongoing project.

In order to join you have to be directly involved with students (Pre-K-16, Adult Language Learners, etc.). This is NOT the platform for you, if you are charging a fee in order to skype with students."

07 Dec 08

Great post by Anne Mirtschin in Australia about using Skype in the classroom for global and local connections.

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