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Jul 21, 15

Interesting article about global project based learning in the latest ISTE online magazine.

Mar 26, 15

To introduce students to the process of going from idea to design to printing, I showed them a video that described how 3D printing works. The printer allows users to manufacture an object using a digital modeling program or by downloading a design from Makerbot’s Thingaverse site.

Next, I showed students three videos from Makerbot’s site about explorers who have used 3D printing to invent, create, refine and benefit humanity. Technology enabled many of these inventors to collaborate across continents. In the case of Spuni, they set out to improve the design of baby spoons. With Zboard, 3D printing helped entrepreneurs make their products by facilitating the iterative process of design. "

Mar 20, 15

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Feb 02, 15

Nominate someone NOW for the NEW ISTE Global Collaboration PLN Annual Award for Innovation in Online Global Collaboration
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Nov 07, 13

Davis, V. & Lindsay, J. (2010). Navigate the Digital Rapids. Learning and Leading with Technology, 37(6), 12-15

in outliners: JUL resources and links

Aug 30, 13

Announcing my new book project in conjunction with ISTE. Possible contributions and ideas welcome via this online form:

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