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03 Nov 12

Great pics from the Learning 2.012 conference held in Beijing, China mid-October

19 Apr 12

"Beijing must understand it can't control the internet - freedom will eventually win."

19 Jan 12

Interesting development of a very expensive Chinese version of the iPad: RedPad Number One. Seems it caters for government officials and Communist Party members, hence the high price tag.

29 Sep 11

"Worried that this preoccupation with English is contributing to a decline in native language skills, officials at the Ministry of Education are now trying to get students to return to their linguistic roots. How? By introducing another test.

The newly developed native-speaker Chinese exam measures listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and is meant to promote Chinese people’s “interest and ability in their own language,” Xinhua reports."

03 Feb 11

"The strong showing by Shanghai's 15-year-olds on standardized tests — administered every three years by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and considered a global benchmark of academic excellence — was largely expected, some experts say, and is the mark of a society that values discipline in education. But critics believe this strength may mask the Chinese education system's shortfall in producing innovative and creative students.

"What the Chinese are very good at doing is achieving short-term goals," says Jiang Xueqin, deputy principal of Peking University High School, affiliated with Beijing's Peking University, known as the "Harvard" of China. "They're good at copying things, not creating them.""

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