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28 Jan 13

The BISS all stars - teachers from my previous school share their e-learning and digital literacy objectives. Mobile computing, Web 2.0, robotics.

28 Feb 12

"PEN and paper are not yet in the dustbin of history but the radical transformation being wrought in the learning experiences of year 6 students at Neutral Bay Public School in Sydney's lower north shore suggests time may be running out for traditional methods.

The school has just issued all 145 year 6 students with an iPad as part of a $100,000 year-long trial. Almost all classroom work will now be done on the hand-held device.

''It's better than writing in books,'' says Charlotte Prichard, 11, as she lovingly caresses her new tablet."

14 Apr 11

"The online behavior, attitudes and interests of people from all walks of life are blending together online, cutting across generations and traditional demographics and giving rise to a new online group called “Generation Virtual” (Generation V), according to research by Gartner, which coined the term.

Unlike previous generations,
Generation V is not defined by age, gender, social class or geography. Instead, it is based on achievement, accomplishments and an increasing preference for the use of digital media channels to discover information, build knowledge and share insights."

11 Jan 11

"Microsoft Corp. today announced the preliminary findings of its multicountry Innovative Teaching and Learning (ITL) Research, which shows that students can get the skills they need for work and life in the 21st century through school, but in practice, they rarely do. While education leaders consistently call for change, educational policies and systems in most countries have not yet provided clear definitions of 21st century skills, or guidance to teachers on how to teach and assess these skills."

21 Nov 10
by Lisa Childress
This book presents strategies that can be used by faculty and administrators to encourage faculty engagement in international activities on and off campus, including education abroad.

16 Oct 10

Education Week Teacher Professional Development Sourcebook

I love this article/interview with Will Richardson, so many ideas and thoughts align with my own. Are we moving forward? How can we make this change happen faster?

"And I think we have to move to a more inquiry-based, problem-solving curriculum, because it’s not about content as much anymore. It’s not about knowing this particular fact as much as it is about what you can do with it. What can you do with what you understand about chemistry? What can you do with what you’ve learned about writing? What does it look like? Kids need to be working on solving real problems that mean something to them. The goal should be preparing kids to be entrepreneurs, problem-solvers who think critically and who’ve worked with people from around the world. Their assessments should be all about the products they produced, the movements they’ve created, the participatory nature of their education rather than this sort of spit-back-the-right-answer model we currently have. I mean, that just doesn’t make sense anymore."

14 Oct 10

"Welcome to the 21st Century Teaching and Learning page. The purpose of this page is to explain the thinking behind the initiative, outline the plans and answer common questions. The page will continue to be added to as the planning progresses over the next few months.

The initiative has been given the name "iLearn." We feel that this term not only acts as a handy shorter name, it also embodies some of the key aspects of the initiative."

06 Oct 10

"We are your source for the highest quality, most cutting edge resources, curriculum and professional staff development. Register for one or more of our workshops today, join one of our global collaborative classroom projects, explore our many free resources and let us help you take your district or campus into the 21st century with our blended professional development programs! See video below illustrating our philosophy of education!"

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