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30 Apr 13

I love how David Truss has set this out so clearly and shares 7 Ways to Transform Your Classroom
1. Inquiry
2. Voice
3. Audience
4. Community
5. Leadership
6. Play
7. Networks

10 Nov 12

Greg Whitby shares his insights into what school could/should be like.

12 Apr 11

The Committed Sardine
I empathize with this list....wish it was 2020 now, why do we have to wait!

22 Aug 10

Great post by Madeleine, my Inside ITGS colleague. We ARE connecting our classrooms and developing new pedagogy for connected learning in the 21st Century. Make sure you follow us!

30 Jul 10

Interesting chart comparing 21th Century classroom or school with 21st Century version.

22 May 09

Stephen Heppell video prepared for the Department of Children, Schools and Families to engender a debate about 21st century schools, personalisation, etc

30 Apr 09

Grade 10 students at Qatar Academy share their digital stories with Grade 1 amazing cross-age level activity!

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