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Julie Lindsay

Julie Lindsay's Public Library

May 22, 15

We need to create a generation of critically-thinking, collaborative problem solvers. Students who know and understand world issues. Students who understand political and socioeconomic systems on a global scale. Students who recognize and appreciate cultural diversity. If we really want to face and solve the problems of this complex, multifaceted, diverse, and complicated world, we need a generation of students who are strong in all the C's: communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and global competency.
Great new blog by @jcasap on the imperative of #globalcompetency and #globaled. Join the #globaledchat Thurs 5pm PT!

May 20, 15

Don't forget about The Global Educator workshop in PA June 25-6 with @julielindsay register now! #edchat #edtechchat

May 17, 15

Just reached 1,000 subscribers 100,000 views @julielindsay @tsbray @knowclue @PeggySheehy @sbkaufman @Jeff_Gomez

May 09, 15

@E_Sheninger @thomascmurray @LauraGilchrist4 @julielindsay @lhighfill @rkiker @goformative @danielscib @mr_isaacs

May 07, 15

FCGE please help this global project! @vanschaijik @mblanrun @AnnRooney6 @julielindsay @toniobarton @WriteOurWorld

May 07, 15

Hi @julielindsay Shared #Flatconnections project with 40 educators visiting @newmarketschool yesterday

May 01, 15

Sign up here to participate in Global Education Day at #ISTE2015 #isteglobalpln

Apr 30, 15

Taking IT Global and British Council joint publication in 2011

Apr 28, 15

Just joined Very excited to be participating! @julielindsay @flatconnections

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