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about 16 hours ago

Created by Jackie Gerstein - very useful overview and diagram to assess teacher skills and readiness for 21C teaching and learning.

about 17 hours ago

Sonya Van Schaijik shares her ideas and experiences to encourage others to join and create global projects

Mar 29, 15

“@Julia_Brannon: Digital Credibility: 13 Lessons For the Google Generation via @TeachThought” #INF530 #ETL523

Mar 29, 15

» Teaching digital citizenship = leading by example iPractice: Learning & Connecting #ETL523 @julielindsay

Mar 29, 15

Excellent overview of purpose, strategies and tools for content curation.

Mar 27, 15

From augmented reality to BYOD, #ISTE2015 will have #edtech learning for everyone.

Mar 26, 15

ISTE Learning Series Webinar: Getting started with connected learning and global collaboration via @julielindsay

Mar 26, 15

To introduce students to the process of going from idea to design to printing, I showed them a video that described how 3D printing works. The printer allows users to manufacture an object using a digital modeling program or by downloading a design from Makerbot’s Thingaverse site.

Next, I showed students three videos from Makerbot’s site about explorers who have used 3D printing to invent, create, refine and benefit humanity. Technology enabled many of these inventors to collaborate across continents. In the case of Spuni, they set out to improve the design of baby spoons. With Zboard, 3D printing helped entrepreneurs make their products by facilitating the iterative process of design. "

Mar 25, 15

Flat Connections Global Educator course starts this month #flatconnect #globalclassroom #globaled
#FlatConnections Become certified with @julielindsay an amazing course. Contact me if you want to hear more

Mar 24, 15

I believe this is NOT a new idea, the IB have integrated interdisciplinary topic based learning into PYP and MYP already. As a country-wide approach however this is quite radical.

"Finnish schools are obliged to introduce a period of “phenomenon-based teaching” at least once a year. These projects can last several weeks. In Helsinki, they are pushing the reforms at a faster pace with schools encouraged to set aside two periods during the year for adopting the new approach. Ms Kyllonen’s blueprint, to be published later this month, envisages the reforms will be in place across all Finnish schools by 2020."

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