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Julie Lindsay

Julie Lindsay's Public Library

about 23 hours ago

A webinar by Julie Lindsay, 'The Global Educator' author and Founder and CEO of Flat Connections along with other global educators. August 2016

Aug 26, 16

A must read story about how one educator moved into global and international teaching and learning.
New blog by 2nd grade teacher @Sean4d about being a global educator! Great inspiration @julielindsay #globaledchat

Aug 26, 16

@Mayathiag did you see the new OECD global competency? First we need to teach the teachers! #tlchat #INF537

Aug 25, 16

#inf537 In dramatic statement, European leaders call for ‘immediate’ open access to all scientific papers by 2020

Aug 24, 16

Collaborative School Culture - this is the meeting that will challenge the thinking of all who are in attendance. There is a sharing of ideas - what works and that does not work, and why. It feels like action research is happening all the time. Teachers are taking notes, reflecting on what others are sharing. The shared stories affirm a vision that identifies the scope of relevant values and beliefs. All are driven by an intrinsic desire to see all students succeed. The weak teachers are uncomfortable. The meeting feels like a good workout.

Aug 23, 16

@julielindsay Like a peek at the #mindfulassessment book? View it here: order it here:

Aug 22, 16

Learn about Global Collaboration Day & the Great Global Project Challenge! #PBL #edchat

Aug 21, 16

From a keynote by Martha Burtis, featured on the Hybrid Pedagogy website. Martha concludes: "I can guarantee that if you have a domain of your own stuff will break. It will break in some predictable, easy-to-fix ways and probably in some totally weird, tearing-your-hair out kind of ways. Your students will experience this too. And it will be frustrating and terrible. And it will not be standardized or easily consumed. It will not be easily defined or put in a box. It will be gloriously, awfully messy. And you may have to switch directions or gears, and I hope that when you do you talk to your students about what happened and why it happened — and that you work together to try and figure this out."

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