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Julie Lindsay

Julie Lindsay's Public Library

17 Apr 14

Very exciting possibilities for learners across the world!

16 Apr 14

Start a Code Club in Australia - this non-profit organisation provides resources.

15 Apr 14

David tells us, "The data-information-knowledge-wisdom hierarchy seemed like a really great idea when it was first proposed. But its rapid acceptance was in fact a sign of how worried we were about the real value of the information systems we had built at such great expense. What looks like a logical progression is actually a desperate cry for help." and then, "The real problem with the DIKW pyramid is that it’s a pyramid. The image that knowledge (much less wisdom) results from applying finer-grained filters at each level, paints the wrong picture. That view is natural to the Information Age which has been all about filtering noise, reducing the flow to what is clean, clear and manageable. Knowledge is more creative, messier, harder won, and far more discontinuous."

10 Apr 14

An humorous look at why we should find time each day to unplug and get off the Internet

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