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  • Cisco CCNA 1 - Introduction to Networking

  • I would recommend you to start by learning the material covered in the CCNA certification from Cisco. It covers a wide range of topics such as basic networking, routing, switching and WAN.

  • This youtube playlist contains lots of videos explaining key topics from the CCNA 1:

  • Misattributed
      • Ancora Imparo.
        • Yet I am learning.
        • Variant translation: Still I learn! 
  • Inscribed next to an image of Father Time in a child's carriage, as quoted in Curiosities of Literature (1823) by Isaac Disraeli. Disraeli's attribution is, however, spurious. The attribution is retraceable to Richard Duppa's The lives and works of Michael Angelo and Raphael (London, 1806), where the author mistakenly attributes a drawing by Domenico Giuntalodi to Michelangelo Buonarroti.

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  • So forget height and width. You don't actually want to set the exact height and width anyway, you want the SVG to scale to match the width and/or height you set in the CSS. What you want is to set an aspect ratio for the image, and have the drawing scale to fit. You want a viewBox.



  • Heading <h1> 5.0rem (50px)


    Heading <h2> 4.2rem (42px)


    Heading <h3> 3.6rem (36px)


    Heading <h4> 3.0rem (30px)

    Heading <h5> 2.4rem (24px)
    Heading <h6> 1.5rem (15px)

  • We’ll start with a boilerplate SVG that contains an empty filter and text:

  • Great products are ones that have a handful of core features that allow users to get to their end goals quicker. The best products are ones that resonate deeply with their user-base because they make lives easier for people.

  • Syslog is a way for network devices to send event messages to a logging server – usually known as a Syslog server. The Syslog protocol is supported by a wide range of devices and can be used to log different types of events. For example, a router might send messages about users logging on to console sessions, while a web-server might log access-denied events.
  • Most network equipment, like routers and switches, can send Syslog messages. Not only that, but *nix servers also have the ability to generate Syslog data, as do most firewalls, some printers, and even web-servers like Apache.
  • Syslog – it simply sends messages to a central location when specific events are triggered.

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  • So when you have a task at work to complete, tell someone when you will finish it. If you tell a client or employee exactly when you’ll get something done, your brain will feel more obligated to actually do it.
  • Even better: identify the very smallest first step, something that’s so easy that even your present-biased brain can see that the benefits outweigh the costs of effort.
  • We can make the cost of effort feel even smaller if we link that small step to something we’re actually looking forward to doing. In other words, tie the task that we’re avoiding to something that we’re not avoiding.

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