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Mar 26, 15


    • The Freezer


        There is much debate among coffee nerds about the merits of freezing beans. Here’s my take: 


          Only consider freezing coffee if you plan on keeping it much longer than a month. For shorter stints, you’re better off just storing it airtight at room temperature. 


          If you freeze, make sure it is in a fully sealed container, without even a one-way valve. 


          When you’re ready to use it, allow it to come to room temperature while still fully sealed to avoid condensation. Once it’s been thawed, do not freeze it again.

  • Questioners question all expectations, and will meet an expectation only if they believe it’s justified, so in effect, they meet only inner expectations.
     Once Questioners believe that a particular habit is worthwhile, they’ll stick to it—but only if they’re satisfied about the habit’s soundness and usefulness. They resist anything arbitrary or ineffective; they accept direction only from people they respect.
     Questioners may exhaust themselves (and other people) with their relentless questioning, and they sometimes find it hard to act without perfect information.
     If you’re thinking, “Well, right now I question the validity of the Four Tendencies framework,” yep, you’re probably a Questioner!

  • Upholders are expectation-driven and feel an inner commitment to follow through with deadlines. Questioners are motivated by reason and need to fully understand the expectation and feel it's justified. Obligers are people-pleasers; they'll do stuff for everyone else, but not for themselves. Rebels resist expectations and work toward goals based on their own guidelines
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