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detail: photos "come toward you" to afford zooming

  • Make sure to include the following information for each project where appropriate:
  • Project Background: Set the context for the project. What was the goal of the project? What were your constraints? What was the timeline?
  • Team and your role: What was your explicit role, what did you uniquely contribute and who did you work with?

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  • Here’s my short list of the most critical product skills, and the questions that those skills help answer.
      • Research — What do customers want? Can they figure out how to use our product?
      • Product design — What are we building? What are we not building? What’s in this release?
      • Copywriting — How do we describe our product to customers in a way they understand?
      • Interaction design — How does the product behave? How is it organized?
      • Visual design — How does the product look and feel?
      • UI development — How do we build quality interfaces quickly and flexibly?

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