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  • CSS variables help by employing some of the low-hanging benefits of a preprocessor, without the compilation overhead.
  • By declaring a variable on the :root pseudo-class, a CSS author can halt some instances of repetition by using the variable.
  • Inheritance of CSS Variables


    Custom properties do inherit. It means that if no value is set for a custom property on a given element, the value of its parent is used:

  • Smartvue’s high-definition surveillance solutions, mobile sharing, interactive camera site maps, and automated trigger alerts mean faster response times.
  • Open the box and plug in the Smartvue server. Connect to your network and create an account. Add your cameras. You're ready to remotely manage and monitor your business. Sign Up for a Free Demo
  • Smartvue’s Contribute application turns any authorized smartphone, tablet or web-enabled camera into a portable or wearable surveillance camera. Security personnel could use Contribute to stream live video and upload recorded video directly to security management when approaching a suspect or incident. Video captured on through the app will upload through the cloud, directly to the same security database used for surveillance cameras
Feb 03, 16

step 1. create branch tracking other dev's repo. this will track master. step 2, create branch tracking branch you are interested in in other dev's repo.

  • --track

    When creating a new branch, set up branch.<name>.remote and branch.<name>.merge configuration entries to mark the start-point branch as "upstream" from the new branch

  • This configuration will tell git to show the relationship between the two branches in git status and git branch -v

  • --track
  • When creating a new branch, set up "upstream" configuration. See "--track" in git-branch[1] for details.

  • The Web Is a Customer Service Medium
  • The Fundamental Question of the Web
  • one question: “I'm bored, and I want to get out of the house and have an experience, possibly involving elves or bombs.  Where do I go?” 


    The answer: You could go to a movie.

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  • The old idea of a video surveillance system is of a security guard sitting in a booth watching the security camera feed live, hoping to catch suspicious activity. This model relies on having a live person watching and reviewing all your video, however, which is not practical or efficient. Different security guards may have differing levels of focus or different ideas of suspicious activity.
  • Video management software changes this system by using software to monitor your video feed around the clock, alerting you to activity so you only need to watch the cameras when something happens.

  • has a department that reviews all relevant cameras to provide a concise summary of what happened on camera with related police report data if available
  • We'll send you videos of incidents caught by our cameras that you probably didn't even know happened.

  • An on-site guard is an expensive option. Even the best security officer can only be in one place at one time. Live guards also open your business to liability should the guard become injured or injure another person on the job

  • We often see suspicious visitors in the middle of the night. Our trained staff can control a Pan Tilt Zoom camera to further investigate suspicious activity in real time to capture more details.
  • Copper theft on rooftops: A typical HVAC unit costs $12,000, and a retail center can have multiple units for every tenant. Rising copper values have led to an increase in copper theft.
  • Stealth provides the ability to see that traffic coming and to let trespassers know we are watching, which encourages them to go elsewhere.

  • Tired of doing your own video searches? Stealth has a department that reviews all relevant cameras to provide a concise summary of what happened on camera with related police report data if available.

  • has_many :post_connections has an extra :dependent parameter. With the value :destroy, we tell Rails that, once this post disappears, it can go ahead and destroy these objects
  • :delete_all, which is faster, but will not call any destroy hooks if you are using those.
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