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Jun 25, 15

walk through nooks and crannies of story in your head and get them to explore
unedited tape is "wait then he said what"
go back and make plot beats
look for how to create plot

  • ry making your own herbal wash bag. Use a soft muslin bag or cut the foot off of an old pair of tights, about 6 inches from the end. Fill the pouch with a handful of oatmeal, some soothing herbs such as camomile or lavender and 2 tbl of finely ground almonds. Tie a knot in the open end of the pouch. You can now use this in the bath or shower. One wash bag will last one day maximum – keep it in the fridge in a plastic bag if you intend to use it morning and night, but don’t try to store it longer than this as it can accumulate bacteria.  When wet it will produce a lovely creamy (soap-free) liquid which will clean and nourish sore skin without irritating it further.
  • ome evidence that tea tree oil or lavender applied to the skin may reduce allergic skin reactions caused by histamine-induced inflammation.
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