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  • On Monday, you'll map out the problem and pick an important place to focus. On Tuesday, you'll sketch competing solutions on paper. On Wednesday, you'll make difficult decisions and turn your ideas into a testable hypothesis. On Thursday, you'll hammer out a realistic prototype. And on Friday,  you'll test it with a live human.
  • Who to Include in Your Sprint team

    Decider such as the CEO, founder, product manager, head of design.

    Finance expert

    Marketing expert

    Customer expert

    Tech/logistics expert

    Design expert

  • Set a long-term goal

    Be clear on why you're doing this project and where you want to be six months, a year or even five years from now

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  • Whether the kids are black, Hispanic, white, or Asian, the same dictum applies: if your solution to get the next generation out of poverty is be extremely smart, work incredibly hard at school, ignore temptations to stop working hard at school, and to take on thousands in debt or owe years to the military in order to get a 4 year degee, then you have no solution.


    Solutions can’t require extraordinary people. They have to work for ordinary people.


    So any solution that isn’t “a reasonably motivated kid can find a job that pays enough to live and form a family” isn’t going to work.

  • CMNA program
  • These sessions are popular because they offer an interactive, hands-on, and fun experience for partners. “Partners get to sit down, play with Meraki gear, configure it, troubleshoot it, and get that first-hand experience that they might not get elsewhere.

  • There are two basic types of DNS - primary DNS and secondary DNS, which are generally applied to each newly registered domain. They are name server computers where the record of your domain name is stored.
  • The two DNS values are usually configured by your ISP or hosting provider and given to you as a very important part of your domain registration order details.


  • A default gateway in computer networking is the node that is assumed to know how to forward packets on to other networks.
  • Typically in a TCP/IP network, nodes such as servers, workstations and network devices each have a defined default route setting, (pointing to the default gateway), defining where to send packets for IP addresses for which they can determine no specific route. The gateway is by definition a router.
  • The gateway is by definition a router.

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  • A subnet mask is a screen of numbers used for routing traffic within a subnet. Once a packet has arrived at an organization's gateway or connection point with its unique network number, it can be routed to its destination within the organization's internal gateways using the subnet number.

  • So we can't have visible horizontal overflow if the vertical overflow is invisible, and vice versa.
  • Basically, in order for an absolutely positioned element to appear outside of an element with overflow: hidden, its closest positioned ancestor must also be an ancestor of the element with overflow: hidden

  • The new solution -> (I found a workaround using a wrapper div to apply overflow-x and overflow-y to different DOM elements as James Khoury advised on the problem of combining visible and hidden to a single DOM element.)

    #wrapper {     height: 100px;     overflow-y: visible; } #content {     width: 200px;     overflow-x: hidden; }

  • Depending on the size of the root ball and thickness of the roots, I use either a sharp knife or a saw to prune.
  • Next, I go over the whole root ball again, this time with a pronged hand cultivator or a stick, loosening soil and roots all over its surface. T
  • First I put enough soil in the bottom of the pot that the base of the plant's stem will sit a half to one inch below the level of the pot's rim. With plant height adjusted, I gradually start filling the space between the root ball and the pot with potting soil

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  • Having the desk at an incline allows you to have a better vantage point of your work.
  • Having an inclined plane allows you to use an underhand or paint brush grip with ease. These grips allow you to control your pencil by using your shoulder and elbow, instead of your wrist. Long, even, consistent lines are possible when using your whole arm.

  • Satisficing means settling for something we know may not be the best possible choice, but that at least meets our essential needs.
  • Because of the sheer volume of information and options available, it’s often literally impossible for people to evaluate and compare every possible choice—we could spend the rest of your life shopping for the perfect vacation rental, but then we would never actually get to go on our vacation
  • Unless your site is about life-and-death decisions, many—if not most—of your users are going to be satisficing, and understanding this mindset is critical to helping them be successful

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  • Failover is the mechanism, be it automatic or manual, for bringing up a contingent operational plan

  • If two computers are going to talk using TCP/IP
  • They must belong to the same subnet.
  • Different subnets, so we must go through a router.

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