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06 Apr 14

GREAT games here!! “@bowes: Deal of the Day: 45% off top rated strategy board games -

@nntaleb Micro-service (software) architecture; google for Fred George+MSA
29 Mar 14

I am crossing the T's #MH370 #falseflag 'twin' in Tel Aviv since Nov. 4/13 and the answer

28 Mar 14

Vol #MH370 : la France détecte de nouveaux débris à l'aide de son satellite

10 Feb 14

pandas 0.13.1 is out! lots of bug fixes, improved SQL integration, perf enhancements, and more: #pydata

02 Feb 14

The extremely exciting BayesDB project ("INFER salary FROM jobs WITH CONFIDENCE 0.95") has new commits

30 Dec 13

programing a function using r software

RT @TheRealWBTC: From r/sanfrancisco. Pretty much sums up Muni: h/t @shawnbot
31 Oct 13

Announcing Cloak, a JS lib for HTML5 multiplayer games. It handles messaging, rooms, lobbies, and fiddly edge cases:

31 Oct 13

Products I love & how they're related to desires, identity, and building a product others love too #sundaypost

31 Oct 13

Dude created his own brewhouse. Nice writeup on the story of @UneAnnee from @grlslikebeertoo today:

05 Oct 13

Machine Learning with scikit-learn - IPython slides by Andy Mueller @t3kcit

01 Oct 13

#Anaconda seems to be a pretty good and free #Python stack for scientific computing and data analysis

Nice view up here #gtav

@jthomas @cdixon of course we f*cking do! We are beautiful snowflakes!
17 Sep 13

I *may* have just bought a few of the new Processing t-shirts including a kids size:

17 Sep 13

.@ScraperWiki comes out with a scraper to extract tabular data from PDF docs

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