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May 10, 12

This could be a great resource/ discussion point for teaching microwaves and communication as well as discussing all sorts of privacy and ethics ideas.

May 10, 12

A key part of AFL practice is collaborative learning and there are various useful team generators out there to help you. This happens to be one of the better ones. It automatically names the teams (i use famous physicists) and generates a team list you can export in various ways, most usefully as a CSV

May 09, 12

Ok, late to the pass on this one I fear but what a great spot for finding "the right" graphic. 
Lots of social science, global warming, nuclear power etc could really benefit from some of the resources here & you can make your own too!

May 05, 12

This has to be one of the best websites I've found in years. A simple interface for automating services, for example, because i have tagged this bookmark with "blogger" is fetching it from diigo, applying the filters I have specified, and posting it here!
This kind of thing is just the start - you could easily create alerts, auto responses and the like - i have just made a task - the name for each if this then that statement - which adds starred items in google reader to the appropriate section of evernote automagically.

Check it out!

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