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  • Markdown, in the most simple definition, is a text-to-HTML conversion tool.
  • Markdown allows you to write in a more simplistic syntax with the thought that it will eventually be translated to HTML.
  • The idea behind Markdown is that your files don’t need to be connected to some specific application (i.e. Word or Pages documents). With Markdown, you can write in a format that will still hold some semantic meaning whether or not you’re parsing it. A text file written in Markdown syntax is still very easy to read, and by removing the requirement of any specific technology, you’re left with one of the most portable file formats: text files.

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  • Markdown is the second coming for committed writers!
  • We have been seduced into thinking we are typographers and graphics artists, not just writers. This is a serious distraction.
  • To avoid distractions, you must separate your content from formatting.

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  • Ulysses is built around a version of Markdown. Or, I should say, two versions of Markdown: a straight implementation of Markdown, and another, which they call "Markdown XL," that includes a few of the features of MultiMarkdown.
  • Ulysses takes care of creating formatted output in the form you want: plain text, Markdown, HTML, PDF, RTF, or eBook. This process is easier than Scrivener, but not nearly as powerful.
  • I think Scrivener has established itself better and has proven it can handle large projects. Ulysses III is much more to my liking, with a more "zen-like" approach to writing, a real elegance in design, and a simplicity that I think most will find less daunting.

  • While sophisticated WYSIWYG programs that generate rich text abound, ever so quietly in the background a counter-movement has simmered. The idea is to get writing down to basics and to make it possible to embed formatting instructions with in plain ASCII text in an intuitive way. We refer to these insertions as "markup," so “Markdown” is a play on that.
  • If we want to emphasize something, we *put asterisks around it.* This is the idea around Markdown.
  • Markdown is pretty limited: you can define headers, bullets, numbered lists, indented text, italics, and bold text. You can link text to URLs. Just about the only other thing you can do to “prettify” your layout is to add a horizontal rule.

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