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  • BlephEx is a handheld device that the eye care practitioner or a trained technician administers in-office.
  • An anesthetic drop is applied to the patient’s eye, and the disposable tip of the BlephEx instrument is soaked in the doctor’s choice of lid scrub solution. Then the instrument is applied to the lid margin, with the soft, disposable tip spinning to remove debris and bacteria.
  • Seven hundred doctors worldwide are using it, as well as seven teaching institutions.

  • BlephEx was created in 2013 by James Rynerson, MD, a board-certified ophthalmologist, as the first patented, in-office procedure that allows eye care professionals to take an active role in treating blepharitis by removing biofilm, scurf and debris from the eyelids.
  • The biofilm is totally removed, eliminating the source of inflammation which leads to healthier, more comfortable eyelids and an increase in natural tear production. Many patients are able to stop using artificial tears altogether.
  • Now doctors can treat this disease in their office with a quick, eight-minute, painless procedure.

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  • the standout feature for me with Scrivener is the ability to view the same documents in writing, outline, and cork board/notecard view. No note-taking or outline app that I’ve tried is as powerful in this way. It allows you to quickly switch between writing, viewing the structure, and arranging sections.
  • the complex nature of the Scrivener project file format, and iCloud’s standard behavior (auto-saving amongst other things) makes Scrivener and iCloud a poor fit for each other
  • That’s not the only drawback to Scrivener’s complexity. While I have tended to use Scrivener as a text editor and not a word processor, there is still some of the complexity of font selection and formatting there. Scrivener can display and export text in some pretty amazing ways (e.g. combined drafts in ePUB, PDF, .doc, and more), but those take either finding the right template or fiddling with settings for quite some time. The user interface is a bit busy, and the settings are still a bit confusing,

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  • Subtext is all about what you don’t say. What you don’t show. It relies on the active participation of the audience, whether they’re reading a book or watching a movie, to join the dots themselves.
  • The emotional crux of Toy Story is that every toy has a fear of being outgrown.
  • That’s the true paradox of being a toy. All the joy, the laughter, the fun — it has to end. One day, every toy is left behind as their child grows up.

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