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Jan Beilicke

Jan Beilicke's Public Library

about 9 hours ago

Wahrheit im Wandel der Zeit:

Aug 28, 15

F is for farce: how Australian Border Force united the nation against it | Lenore Taylor

Aug 26, 15

"JMAP is a transport-agnostic, stateless JSON-based API for synchronising a mail client with a mail server."

Aug 21, 15

Spotify to users: We can totally invade your phone and your privacy. Or you can get lost.

Aug 20, 15

How StackOverflow scales "With their SQL Servers loaded with 384 GB of RAM and 2TB of SSD, AWS would cost a fortune.”

Aug 20, 15

Ich sekundiere das. Aus Stolz, in einer bestimmten Verwaltungseinheit geboren zu sein, kann nichts Sinnvolles kommen

Aug 20, 15

Tentative opinion: if your drone is so close that I can hit it with my t-shirt, it’s invading my privacy.

Aug 20, 15

60-Jähriger Engländer baut Empfangsmast für seinen Breitband-Anschluss. #DIY @DailyMailUK

Aug 20, 15

give feedback in a team setting or one-on-one? "Comfort is overrated"

Aug 19, 15

Brevity is the soul of wit. I really like this quick reference for HTTP headers:

Aug 18, 15

Was ist das für eine Gesellschaft, in der man auf "Wie geht es Ihnen?" nur noch "Prima" antworten darf? #Martenstein

Aug 17, 15

Europe Shouldn't Worry About Immigrants- It Should Worry About Creeping Fascism. my latest for @NewStatesman

Aug 17, 15

Hacker culture got gentrified. Witnessable at #cccamp15 as well. More feel-good atmosphere than subversive projects.

Aug 16, 15

Heise über die Versorgung des Wohnschiffes für Flüchtlinge im Harburger Hafen:

Aug 16, 15

“@klapauzius: Thunderstorm at the #cccamp15”<< wow! What a pic! #cccamp

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