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Jan Beilicke

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about 14 hours ago an interactive, browser-based charting library for #Python. #dataviz

about 14 hours ago

A Template Job Posting for Open Source Office Lead: Title: A Template Job Posting for Open Source Offi... #linux

May 25, 16

"Simple text files have proven to be the only format interoperable through the decades."

May 24, 16

Since a few of you asked, here are the some of the security + privacy books I've relied on to learn /all/ the things

May 24, 16

Der Mainstream von Pornos ist zutiefst sexistisch - und prägt wie Menschen Sex haben

May 23, 16

Sadly, the presented approaches seem either: 1) lead to a platform DoS, or 2) require asking ME to disable itself.

May 21, 16

Foul-mouthed worm takes control of wireless ISPs around the globe

May 11, 16

TIL: deletes credit card data when you reset your lost password.
That's a thoughtful and easy-to-implement measure.

May 11, 16

Beautiful. Submarine Cable Map - Shows all underwater cables and who owns them #Internet #Networking #Telco

May 08, 16

#PanamaPapers whistleblower #JohnDoe speaks out - calls @snowden a hero and demands real action @ICIJorg @guardian

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