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Jan Beilicke

Jan Beilicke's Public Library

about 12 hours ago

pdfparanoia - pdf watermark removal library for academic papers
Strip the watermarks (and other embedded identifying information) from academic journal PDFs.

Feb 07, 16

#AKtiVCongrEZ gerade Session zu #Metadaten – talks zum Thema:

Feb 07, 16

Wer die Sicherheit der belgischen »Schrottreaktoren« fundiert beurteilen will, muss sich mit der Technik befassen:

Feb 05, 16

I wrote a sourcing guidebook for electronics in Shenzhen. Crowdfunding now at Please RT.

Feb 03, 16

FreeBSD bhyve now supports Windows UEFI guests - #Unix #Hypervisor

Feb 02, 16

Decentraleyes: A Firefox addon to prevent tracking via free CDN providers

Jan 31, 16

Read it. Go ahead; I’ll wait.

Jan 31, 16

A list of what to read while we wait for #MrRobot to come back, by @girlziplocked

Jan 30, 16

fail2web — fail2ban GUI #hackingtools

Jan 28, 16

Google achieves AI 'breakthrough' by beating Go champion

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