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Jan Beilicke

Jan Beilicke's Public Library

about 15 hours ago

Apple again censors my coworker @joshbegley simply for reporting U.S. drone assassinations

Oct 02, 15

This is so brilliant, it replaces global coordinates with 3 words for any location in the world. Such a great idea.

Oct 02, 15

Millions of Facebook Users Have No Idea They’re Using the Internet

Oct 02, 15

„Krass, wie die da leben!“: @JoFuell hat zusammen mit #Obdachlosen die #Flüchtlinge in den Messehallen besucht

Sep 30, 15

A new team of volunteer admins has formed within the CCC. will be continued.

Sep 26, 15

Apparently this still surprises most security people I meet. I'd thought everybody does that already...

Sep 24, 15

Sie handeln, wo andere #Refugees ertrinken lassen: @nothilfe-Partner @WatchTheMed bekommt #Pantherpreis #Taz. Proud!

Sep 23, 15

China pressuring U.S. companies to buckle on strong encryption and surveillance: by me

Sep 22, 15

#Martenstein würde gerne viel mehr Frauen Komplimente machen. Leider kann dabei so viel schiefgehen.

Sep 22, 15

"Mattermost is an open source, on-prem Slack-alternative"

Sep 21, 15

While #Skype is offline, try a free and open source alternative. No install required. Share the link and meet up!

Sep 21, 15

When interviewing job candidates,I don't ask about strengths and weaknesses anymore. Instead, I ask about frontiers.

Sep 20, 15

Der Blick aus dem Fenster! My friend and I celebrated our 4th annual Doughnut Day by making 330 doughnuts.

Sep 18, 15

AVG can sell your browsing and search history to advertisers (Wired UK) << there is no free lunch - Ghostery also

Sep 15, 15

We've issued our first certificate!

Sep 14, 15

Spec Markdown

Sep 14, 15

Clear Your Mind: 15 Things to do When You feel Sad, Depressed, or Stuck in Life

Sep 13, 15

If your company uses Dell, removing boot options and locking BIOS setup are trivial and automatable with Dell Command

Sep 13, 15

Hearing rumors #OkCupid may have experienced a security breach.

Tips to protect you in the event of such things:

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