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Jan Beilicke

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Nov 26, 15

New blog post: What Is HPKP For?

Nov 24, 15

Entgegen anders lautender Gerüchte, wird es übrigens doch GSM auf dem #32C3 geben.

Nov 24, 15

Old unused Linux kernel eating up your disk on Ubuntu/Debian? See how to remove them safely

Nov 23, 15

Read this. @ioerror, in perfect form, on the Paris attacks and what our response should be.

Nov 23, 15

Paris attackers were 1) known to intel 2) bragged in IS's mag 3) met via Facebook 4) used SMS. But ban encryption!!
Let's recap: Paris attackers were known suspects, didn't use encryption, and boasted in public about their plans.

Nov 23, 15

In den Niederlanden will der Geheimdienst Zugriff auf elektronische #Patientendaten #Datenschutz #eGK #Überwachung

Nov 22, 15

"This guide demonstrates how to act as your own certificate authority (CA) using the OpenSSL command-line tools."

Nov 18, 15

La Quadrature du Net calls for more democracy after #Paris attacks: "freedom and security are mutually reinforcing."

Nov 16, 15

"pdfpc is a GTK based presentation viewer application for GNU/Linux which uses Keynote like multi-monitor output to provide meta information to the speaker during the presentation. "

Nov 16, 15

Liebe besorgte Bürgerinnen und Bürger, via @wordpressdotcom

Nov 16, 15

Desk: Lightweight workspace manager for the shell #unix #linux #osx #bash

Nov 16, 15

Facebook’s new is evil terrific post by @maheshmurthy #netneutrality

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